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Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 18:54:34 +0100
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Guys .... that is really too ... also for me ....

Il giorno 02/mar/10, alle ore 16:05, Robinson Maureira Castillo ha scritto:

Is the same for us, Pronto! is not an option, no matter how hard CGS is trying to sell it.

We're now seriously considering going back to Exchange because of the groupware problems. MAPI is a bandwidth waster, makes Outlook 2007 crash randomly, Blackberry and iPhone support is done thru 3rd party programs (Astrasync and NotifyLink failed in our setup and in a customer) and is not stable at all.

We tried Pronto on some users, only to receive complaints about not being able to do basic stuff. Heck, you can't even mark a message as unread.

O_o .....


I do understand many of the complain expressed here and as Jon as already told all of these vocies are not thrown in the wind.

But please before compaining check your complain!



All in all, CGPro is a stable platform, perhaps the most stable one I've ever used or managed, but without my users approval I can't even think on keeping it as our groupware solution.

Thanks Jon for the information.

Best regards,

On 03/02/2010 11:02 AM, Jeff Wark wrote:
Our feeling with Pronto is similar.  The fact that users have to keep going back and forth between Pronto and the Basic Webskin to complete certain tasks [dataset manipulation] doesn't go over too well.  For everyday use though, I believe it has been fairly well received.

CommuniGate to us is a stable E-Mail platform.  Like someone else said, the voice portion is currently only a curiosity for us.

Requirements [in order]:
1. Email first [done]
2. Solid calendar support on mobile devices [apparently some work required here].
3. Pronto with the ability to do everything that regular HTML webmail does plus extras to make it the one everyone wants to use [still some work, but appears to be closer than the calendar option].
4. Voice.  Again as a curiosity at first, but maybe something bigger later.

Shaun Gamble wrote, at 3/1/2010 8:43 PM:
I've held back from commenting, I guess to get my thoughts straight.

My companies' background are construction, property development, tourism
and hospitality. We have hotels, island resorts, backpackers, pubs,
nightclubs, and even a crocodile park in the middle of a city. I've been
with CGP since 3.x days. I moved our email server from MDaemon. I had a
lot of experience with Exchange, liked it but thought it was over priced
and didn't cope well outside a corporate environment. So, for me, CGP is
an Exchange replacement. We use Outlook, heavily, and would like
everyone to be using MAPI.

I've tried using Pronto. I even forced a PA to use Pronto by giving her
no other option. I have never caused anyone so much pain. Very simple
things like easily creating a group in the address book is a necessity
for a PA yet it wasn't possible. Being told "you need to use webmail to
do that" is not an option, if Pronto can't do it all, then it is not a
viable option.

I am starting to move staff to BlackBerrys, using AstraSync. However
this is not possible unless they also use Outlook and MAPI. I was in a
video Skype call today and had to close Outlook as MAPI was sucking my
network bandwidth. Most of our sites are remote, some 3000kms away from
the server. As we are moving into construction and opening a new island
resort, the AstraSync/MAPI/Outlook combination is great but it needs work.

We have a sales and marketing department who asked if she could publish
newsletters through our email server, I laughed and outsourced it
straight away. Lists have obviously been written off by Stalker.

I will stick with CGP, hopefully for a while but it won't be because CGP
can be a PABX replacement or Pronto or the fact CGP now wants to be a
social networking tool. It's because it's a great mail server which
currently serves my needs.

On 28/02/2010 9:48 AM, Jon Doyle wrote:

I wanted to take a couple minutes to provide some information related
to several topics of recent. While it might seem from an outside
perspective, at times, we do not listen to a specific request, or we
are not aware of "Mac needs", that conclusion is simply not correct.
The company has a unique, and sometimes challenging situation whereby
we provide a technology to several distinct markets; "hosting
entities" whether that be an ISP, a telecom carrier, an MNO or MVNO.
These folks use the technology in many ways; as a hosting platform, as
a media mediation engine, as a voicemail backend, as a SIP proxy, as a
IP PBX (IP Centrex). We also have a lot of customers that use the
product within a business, or "on prem", and it can be acting asa mail
server, UC server, or some specialized role.

The company is 20 years old, and CommuniGate Pro is older than more
than 1/2 of that. So, we have a customer base that is extensive, and
diverse. Sometimes, even internally we share some of the frustrations
many Mac users have expressed; we are 75% mac users internally!
However, roadmaps and engineering efforts are applied to priorities,
and over the last 4 years that has been on Pronto! and a lot of
realtime technologies on the platform.

This letter could quickly turn into a very long one. So, let me say we
are looking to support CardDAV, which will help a lot of us in the Mac
realm. I still think, even with some needs in certain areas, there is
simply no platform like CommunIGate Pro in terms of stability and
efficiency. In the 5 years I have been at CGS this is told to me over
and over and over again, it is the server with the most uptime in the
data center or in the closet at the business. That has a value, and it
also has a trade off for "clickety click candy and/or pushing in
features too fast, lest you break something.

I have wrote several times, we are dedicated to having our own client
technology, and that means Pronto! The client might not be for
everyone, but we are going to control our client destiny, and not be
beholden to external client technologies. Whilst there are good
clients on the market, we do not control their roadmap or quality.
That means it is very unlikely we will be funding open-source
connector projects or building them ourselves. If a standard comes
along, that is stable and widely adopted, we will generally consider
adoption, such as CalDAV, CardDAV, or Jingle. But we are not going to
hack and jack into other peoples servers or clients. Rather we will
provide an end to end solution that has our core fundamental
principles; exceptional quality, exceptional features, with
exceptional stability. It will not be for everyone, but if I have just
2% of the market, we will already be a billion dollar company :~)

What is in store for Pronto! might change your mind about piece
parting various clients or "living with" what other use. We have been
constrained on the desktop for a while with the AIR environment, but
that has changed, and in our 4.0 release we _plan_ meaning barring
unforeseen obstacles, to have VoIP in the desktop client and offline
mode. We also plan to go beyond the social modules, like Twitter and
Facebook, and integrate with business applications, like CRMs,
Practice management software, and more.

Some of our long and dedicated customers have not tried VoIP yet, and
that kind of sucks for me, because it is hot, and the new customers
rave about the same quality and exceptional stability you guys have
experienced on the email side. To help with these very different
markets, we have packaged the same tired and true CommuniGate Pro
platform into products. Message Plus is for businesses that really
want a damn good messaging solution, that compares with your "E" word
+ OCS, meaning IM, and presence, but also Lotus + Sametime. These
competitive products can be up to 7 different "software servers" while
we can run on a Mac mini consuming less than 25 watts of power. We
also took our platform and added to it some powerful CG/PL
applications to provision phones and more; to be super competitive we
also throw in a license for two backends in a package we call
VoicePlus. This is for customers, wanting a full blown PBX solution
with redundancy you are not going to get from Avaya or Cisco without
paying fees more than a new Mercedes costs; and I mean AMG class...

For those of you looking at our Unified Communications package as a
whole, you will find over the summer some powerful features, like our
contact center and tight integration to CRMs. For those of you not
using the product as your back office PBX, you really should try the
Pronto! HD Voice, It simply is amazing, I use it all the time for
quick calls, and conferences. If you have a full license, like those
that come with our 25 user paks and up, you can get HD Voice license
free, as long as you are in a eligible license or maintenance contract.

Or, try it out on for free.

Thanks for all your feedback, warm, hot or cold :~) We do listen, and
we will be making a lot of improvements this year.



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Robinson Maureira Castillo.
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Eleodoro Flores 2425, Ņuņoa
Santiago, Chile
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