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From: Robert F. Donahue ( <>
Subject: Re: Clarification and discussion on roadmaps
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 2010 12:30:37 -0500
To: <>

Hey guys its been years since I posted here, but I have read it every day and it is one of the more quality lists (users wise) I am on as a host. I have enjoyed the last decade+ being on this list!

I started out Mac only also but moved with the industry, My windows boxes are as (or more) stable, that some months I forget I even run a mail server, it looks like CGP forgot over the years they make a mail server program, it runs so good and stable it gave them to much time on their hands to play games.... and we all paid for the Bloat to come....
Over the years (and I have been Mac for 24+ years) Apple moved away from its core beginnings also and lost me also.

"Pronto! is a huge waste of time" I agree, less then 3% of my users use webmail, 95% use just simple pop and a very few even use mapi/imap, since I dont use or need any of the new happy horse $ I have always wondered why they didnt make all the new areas they wanted to play in add-ons or different programs all together, if I want SIP I will look for and install SIP when I want to, when it comes to VOIP that's kind of funny wanting to run that on a mail server. But to be bold enough to build something into my program and just think I will start using it because its there?

And as far as clients go, the industry standard and most used is still Outlook and one or two other pretty good ones and even Eudora I believe is going to be back in the game soon, no one in their right mind would move to web-based mail after getting use to Outlook, I just think its crazy to be Browser/Java/Flash dependant for email.

(Hmm, so nothing about recurring events? No more Outlook connector? And only Pronto? Well... I'm not sure I understand.) non of us do? this has been going on for a long time with CGP and reading this list over the years and a lot of us asking why, they just keep going in a direction none of us can figure out why.....

And the one and only time I ever needed something simple and easy like changing the name of my mail server they Hi-Jacked, because I was never told it would change the name of my server upon install.....I left it alone
Do any of us charge a few $hundred to change some ones email address if they ask to a different one....No, That would just be silly!

Maybe now they have moved into different areas they no longer need the core mail server software any more or the core admins that bought it $$$$ and funded the sip/voip/social connector/Twitter Development.
Since I dont need any of that, because I bought it as mail server software, when I upgrade equipment and OS in the next year or two I will find a new program because it would again be just as silly to buy a program to do sip/voip/social connector/Twitter when I really need MAIL!

Maybe when its over I will move out of hosting all together and into Co-Lo only, but right now I am still looking for cheap/stable mail server software to move to, maybe some one can put a group together and come up with an open source project I would be willing to put resources into?

yous guys are great
Me Bob
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