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From: Nicolas Hatier <>
Subject: Re: SyncCGP on Thunderbird 3
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 22:58:10 -0500
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I will work very soon on bringing back contacts sync with SyncCGP for TB3. Removing calendar sync will simplify a lot the code, and perhaps the SyncKolab author will make some enhancements I can integrate to SyncCGP, such as, maybe, mailing list (CGP contact groups) integration.


On 2010-03-01 22:51, Shaun Gamble wrote:
Okay, I tried some more and came up with the following:

I used the above weblink (and saved the username and password) as my TB client has 3 different accounts it links to and this way I could be sure it was working the way I expected it to.

Next, TB+Lightning seems to have a bug. The only way I could create a new event was to Select New Event through the menu. Double clicking on a timeslot brought up the same window but I couldn't save the event.

I then shut down TB, loaded webmail, saw the event, added a new event through webmail and closed webmail. I loaded TB and looked in the calendar. All events had gone. I tired reloading remote calendar, no effect. So I opened the IMAP folder Calendar. The events were listed there. I opened one of the events I had created and was told there was an event attached and I could add the event to Calendar. It allowed me to do this. For some reason, it is working but not loading the events when TB is first started. I cannot find what I am doing wrong. If this one thing could be fixed, I would suggest TB+Lightning worked successfully with CGP, enough  as a replacement for Outlook and MAPI. Contacts obviously being the next problem.

On 1/03/2010 3:25 PM, Nicolas Hatier wrote:

I searched a bit more and found the correct URL.

You are subscribing to the ICS method, not CalDAV. Not sure why it doesn't work, never tried it myself.

For CalDAV, try http://mailserver:8100/CalDAV/CalendarName, specifying CalDAV as format. It finally worked for me, but I didn't make extensive tests, I just know my calendar displays in Thunderbird, and when I create a new event in TB it appears in webmail too without further (without publish) action. Further tests would likely include recurring events, and such things.

However, I found it impossible to connect to a calendar located in a sub-folder. Unable to find the correct URL.

Nicolas Hatier

On 2010-03-01 00:03, Shaun Gamble wrote:
Well, I just placed http://mailserver:8100/CalendarData/~user/Calendar.ics in the publish link and it seemed to work. Took me a while to discover this was the URL I needed to use though.

On 1/03/2010 1:47 PM, Nicolas Hatier wrote:

Well, for me I didn't get past the connection. I always get a "The calendar <calendar name> is momentarily not available" icon and not sure how to diagnose the problem. Which is why I asked :-)


On 2010-02-28 20:28, Shaun Gamble wrote:
On 28/02/2010 2:05 AM, Nicolas Hatier wrote:
A Thunderbird-3 SyncCGP extension will be released when the major rewrite of the SyncKolab extension (the one on which SyncCGP is based) is completed by its author.

Currently, even Lightning is in beta version for Thunderbird 3. And, as Lightning supports CalDAV and CGP 5.3 too, apparently, it's likely that SyncCGP will be trimmed down only to support address book sync.

Meanwhile, if someone could try Lightning beta and use CalDAV with CGP in it, and tell me if it works well, that would likely help. I'm currently unable to completely link Lightning with CGP CalDAV, but I may be using an incorrect procedure...

Nicolas Hatier

Well, I have just installed the latest Lightning 1.0b1 on TB 3.0.1. If I create an event in Lightning and then publish it, it shows up in webmail. If I update the event in webmail, the only way the change can be seen in TB is if I save the .ics file and import it. However, this won't work as you get the following error in TB when you try to import it:

An error occurred when writing to the calendar Home!

If you make the modification in TB and then publish it, it works fine.

So it appears as though you can use TB+Lightning to publish events to CGP, however TB+Lightning cannot read events from CGP.

I'd suggest this is close to useless. The whole point of a calendar is to accurately remind you of events. The whole purpose of having your calendar on the server is so you can use other media, such as mobiles and other users, being able to access these events (and possibly adding or modifying them). ark


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