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Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2010 11:58:39 +0100
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Have a look at Kerio Connect, a mail & calendar & CardDAV server. Cross platform, almost Exchange replacement.

The best we have found so far..

Use Mail/iCal, Outlook, iPhones, Blackbarry, HTC... 


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On 26/02/2010, at 22.36, Brian Gibson wrote:

Allow me to vent late on a Friday :-)

I seem to be going around in circles about calendaring and am wondering if anyone else can either share in my misery, humor me, or offer some idea I haven't thought of.

We use Meeting Maker now and for the most part it does everything that we need but one nagging issue we run into is accessing calendars from smartphones. In order to manage your calendar from an iPhone or Blackberry you need software from a company named NotifyLink and we have been having a rough go of it. They host the syncing service for us and it is expensive and for us major-league buggy.

One of the other aspects that we like about Meeting Maker is that it has a fairly nice client.... I know, I know, this is the age of the web and we should be using the web interface but I liken it to email, I think you have more options available to you if you use a client (take your pick, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook blah... blah...blah).

I thought, why not look at other calendaring solutions to see what is out there and potentially save some money? So far we have looked at Zimbra, Google Apps for Edu, and CGPro. All of these calendaring tools are closely tied into email, which makes some sense, but has been an obstacle for us. For example, if one of my users uses Thunderbird for mail and sees they got a meeting request from someone using Zimbra, they have to log into Zimbra's webmail, open up the email message and deal with the meeting invitation to get it into their Zimbra calendar, then go back on their merry way back to Thunderbird, this just wont work for us. Viewing email in 2 places throws people off, at least the people I support.

I started looking at the Lightning plugin for Thunderbird but there are some show stoppers with its integration with CGPro, viewing free/busy being one of them. If we went with the CGPro calendar I'd run into the same issue as with Zimbra, not all of our users use CGPro Webmail so going back and forth between their email client and Webmail to manage their calendar won't cut it. For example, if I have Thunderbird open and have a new message icon in the system tray, then go into Webmail and read the message the new message icon still appears within Thunderbird; you have to restart Thunderbird to get it back in sync. A little thing I know but these little things add up.

I think the real problem, which is almost unavoidable, is that these calendaring standards have tied email into them to deal with meeting invitations. It would be nice if there were 'some other' protocol that could be used to deal with meeting proposals if you didn't want to use email. If so I'd probably use the Sunbird client because it seems pretty slick.

I think eventually what will happen in our case is we will stick with Meeting Maker. They are starting to support read only CalDAV access to the server and even though it doesn't work from the iPhone they have it listed as a bug and will hopefully fix it soon. Maybe read/write access will come down the road, who knows.

If you have gotten this far, thanks for listening :-)

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