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Subject: Re: Pronto! feedback and a small view into the roadmap
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 2010 06:29:03 -0800
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On Jan 29, 2010, at 10:01 AM, Jon Doyle wrote:


thank you for the comments, suggestions, and your support of Pronto! Briefly, yes, we do indeed listen to all your comments, and many of these are in the works or are being evaluated. Obviously we cannot do "everything". I have wrote in the past, Pronto! is our client, and it allows us to control our "destiny". Meaning, if somebody has a great idea, or if we find a challenge to some issue, we have the control to make changes. It does not mean Pronto! is for everyone, and we will never stop supporting "open standards". But, as many of you know, unfortunately, many products, or services, do not adhere to standards, or "enhance' them to attain a need on their client, or server, or service. That means we sometimes have a hard time.

I'm so glad to read your post! I know there are a lot of IT professional who are so smart to recognize the high quality of CommuniGate architecture and wish to implement your product in their corporate environment. Really, from a strict technical point of view, your product can beat the most big contenders in this field (formerly Microsoft Exchange/OCS and IBM Lotus Notes), but at this time there are some "shadow zones" that make hard or impossible to have a clear view of the potential of this solution.

Maybe there are not big technical issues, but documentation-related problems. These are the main topics that I think are "poorly perceived":

- integration with corporate directory and authentication services;

- interoperability with other standards-compliant Jabber servers;

- integration with VoIP devices and services by the most popular
  players (Cisco SMB product lines, VoIP-to-PSTN services, etc.);

- consideration of user-friendliness (which means support for
  native client applications and essentials interface components
  to accomplish day-to-day tasks).

I really appreciate your commitment in choosing the best technologies and building the best products for your customers. I believe that such a commitment cannot exist without an open and constant dialog with your partners and "fans" among IT professionals who can be a precious yet inexpensive weapon to make CommuniGate a winner in the enterprise and SMB markets too.

As for the feature to play vmail inline, that is actually one of my "favorite features". As you perhaps know, it is a matter of the format of the media itself. Pronto! is a Flash application, and Flash does not deal with .wav files, but rather MP3. The MP3 format does indeed have some benefits, but also many drawbacks. We are looking at some options, client side conversion to flash capable media, or server side "ripping" to MP3 so we have both formats available.

Pronto! 3.2 is a massive improvement from the beginning, just 2 years back. This year will be very exciting as we have big plans in store for the evolution of our client. We have been working hard on moving to the Flex4 environment, basically a root canal of the code, which will give us a lot more flexibility. For example, we have had a lot of restrictions, like not being able to have VoIP in the AIR version, or no offline support because of the AIR structure. We are working on these things now, and I hope by Summer time, Pronto! will evolve into a full Desktop UC client, unmatched for power and feature set, working on Mac, Linux, and yes even on your super duper Windows computer.

These plans are great, and your developers really did and are still doing a good work, but let me point out a couple of issues to show what I mean in my previous sentences: the Pronto! interface running into Leopard's Safari web browser disconnects very often from the server when the window is minimized. Furthermore, HTML message view is available only if you disable the popup-blocker.  No problem with Firefox and Google Chrome... only with Apple's native browser application.

I would very much appreciate constructive feedback on where Pronto! can go for business users,. For example, what modules might integrate into other applications, like CRM or accounting? How about the eDisc feature, what kind of feedback do you have? I mean, you know we can publish shares, but you can also create a "Fileserver" account, and mount that on Mac, Linux, or Windows, as a disc drive.

Have folks tried the WebCal publishing and subscribe features for external users, like a separate server, even if it is Exchange, Notes, GroupWise or iCal?

One thing I think to be very useful to IT professional looking for implementing CGP in their environments is a list of "approved" or "suggested" software and hardware products which have been tested and confirmed to work seamless with CGP. I do not think of an official "compatibility list of supported products", but it might be a reference to help anyone who wants to explore CommuniGate's potential.

Actually there are so many technical issues, ideas and suggestions that I want to discuss that I cannot write them all here and now. I decided to meet the Stalker's EMEA representative and your Italian official partner by the end of the next month. I hope we'll be able to help each other to bring CommuniGate Pro to "the next big step"... inside a lot of corporate data centers in Italy! ;)

Yours sincerely.

Andrew Valsania
Information Technology Consulting

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