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I can’t address your first question as I avoid Microsoft if at all possible.


We’re currently running CGP on vmware 3.5 successfully.  Just over 100 users (50% mapi/airsync, 50% pop/imap).  We’ve allocated 1gb ram and it holds steady at about 50% usage.  Depending on where you keep your mail store, make sure your block size is large enough for the vmfs.


Hope this helps.



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Is anyone using CGP on a Windows server? If so can you give me some idea of the size of your production environment  (# of accounts) and how this is faring for you. We are considering moving our Linux based CPG production server to a Windows server OS. I see some old reference to this on the list but no mention of the size of the deployments.


Also is anyone running a production CGP server in a virtualized environment. We are also considering virtualizing ours with VMWare ESX 3.5.


Thanks for any insight you can offer.


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