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I had that problem with AOL, but after much discussion with their postmaster department, I have gotten registered in enough places there that it's not a problem any more.  I applaud AOL to have an intelligent postmaster department and you can access someone who knows more than how to pronounce postmaster.

I still have a problem with Yahoo, but by throttling the sends, I get them out on the second try for the most part.  Yahoo is impossible to work with.  They don't have any intelligent people online/available to talk when you are a real postmaster.  And it takes several days to get a simple hello out of them.

What you suggest would be my second choice as long as you are not short on IP addresses.


Jack R. Anderson wrote:

Thanks Lyle –


A drawback I would see with using one IP address is if one of my customers is blacklisted it affects everyone.  This has happened to me on occasion which is why I gave everyone a separate IP address.  However, with that I could make all the reverse lookups point to


Does that sound right?


--- Jack


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Jack R. Anderson wrote:

What is the best (or right) configuration for SMTP and reverse DNS in order to get my email accepted?


I’m running email for several domains – each with their own static IP.  I have the “SMTP Send” set to those IPs for each domain and the reverse DNS set also to the hosted domain.  But when an email is sent from one of my users (, the receiving SMTP server does a EHLO and gets: ( [hostedIPaddress])   where is the registered domain for my CGP license.


which doesn’t match very well with the user’s domain.


Is there a way to make it look like the mail is really coming from


Would it be better to set the reverse DNS for the hostedIPaddress to


Thanks - Jack

Use one ip address for sending email.  Set the reverse lookup for that ip to the main domain name CGPro is registered as.  And set the A record for that IP address to match the main domain name.

Mail servers typically (except in very large companies and even then many host email for more than one domain) host email for more than one domain.  That is an accepted part of mail service on the Internet.

The other mail server is more interested in that the EHLO name matches the forward and reverse lookups.

Also because of how a mail server handles email I recommend that the EHLO/HELO be and NOT  Then all users will need to log in using their full email address and the script kiddies will have a harder time finding accounts to compromise.

Lyle Giese
LCR Computer Services, Inc.

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