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From: Tom Rymes <>
Subject: Re: Purging shared calendars en masse
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 10:04:50 -0400
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
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On Oct 20, 2009, at 11:49 AM, Tom Rymes wrote:

Hi there,

We have multiple large shared calendars that our users access via MAPI. Periodically, I go in via the Webmail interface and delete the older events to keep storage down to a reasonable level. However, this is a blunt instrument, because I can only sort events by creation date, and that leaves the potential for deleting ongoing repeating events that were created a while back but are still relevant.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the best way to accomplish this? Maybe I can archive the items using Outlook?


As an answer to my own question and for the benefit of others earching the archives, I did the following to accomplish this:

1.) Configure a profile in Outlook using MAPI to access the account that has the calendars you wish to archive/purge.
2.) Configure the autoarchive settings for those calendars to a date range you like.
3.) Verify the Autoarchive settings.
4.) Run autoarchive, and all entries older than the date you specified will be moved to the archive folder PST.

I saved this PST on a server file share and plan to use that in the future so I have the old entries "just in case".

Worked like a charm.

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