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Hello Karl,
I appreciate your help. In the mean time I got some answers from CGP Support and the provider I was trying to use, named CallCentric and the issues is in the implementation of CallCentric's SIP protocol. I just clarified that over this long weekend. I will send out a separate email to the list warning about the incompatibility.
 Chris Vlad
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Looks like you never received a response to this.

Usually, your incoming calls are handled by a back to back user agent (B2BUA) via the router table.  Each account has its DIDs registered as a telephone number against it.

Something like this (North America):

S:<*> = gatewayincoming{+*}#pbx
S:<+*> = gatewayincoming{+*}#pbx

Then the call is routed via standard rules such as:

Use telnum and e164 S:<+*> = +*@telnum S:telnum = pstn

This simply matches the number and sends it to the internal telnum lookup mechanism and maps it to the account with that phone number and routes the call.

For the PBX auto attendant, you would usually simply redirect the call to '#pbx' which tells it to start the PBX script.   Same thing for voicemail.

The issue that you could be having is that, because you are not using a B2BUA, CGP 'reInvites' the call to go to a different extension and many gateways do not allow this.  With the B2BUA, the call is only routed once from the external gateway perspective.


On 2009-06-25, at 2:55 PM, Lightology Postmaster wrote:

Hello Support and CGP community,
I have a hard time setting up the voicemail and the auto attendant and maybe someone here can point me in the right direction.
The symptom is the I can't get an incoming call coming through a SIP gateway to go to the PBX auto attendant or to a voice mail, the auto attendant(calling ext. 200) and voice mail work if calling from an internal extension, but not from outside. The gateway works properly for incoming and outgoing calls and the CGP router has the default configurations. 
Voice mail issue:
in settings>real-time>sip>gateway I set up "contact: " to be an email 
address of one of the users not the pbx, so the calls coming through form 
that particular gateway should go directly to the users I specified.
1. if there is no phone registered for the user the call is getting immediately 
2. if there is a phone registered but I press the ignore button at the 
calling end the phone still rings and after a while is disconnected
3. if there is a phone registered but I don't answer and let it go to voice 
mail , instead of going to voicemail the call is disconnected.

in the users>domains> > object> user >real-time > incoming call 
rules I have: check After 15 sec, check On Busy and check On Error, 
un-checked Divert Calls.

what is wrong?

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