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Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 22:35:06 +0000
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when presented with a new and excellent operational tool like this it would appear that a proper level of support/infrastructure has to be in place before any announcement is made.

i saw the new blackberry plugin, downloaded and installed it, then naturally tried to license my copy so i followed the normal methods to do this.. as the level of support on the cgp site seemed to be in the very early stages if you could in fact find any information at all about what do do next i went to the originators site to seek a license.

sorry if this has caused any issues but i think the demand for this has been sadly underestimated and the information about EXACTLY what should be done to gain a full license from a communigate systems point of view has been very poor in comparison with the speed and easy of using the link i included above.

basically please provide a method of online credit card based purchasing and renewal for this kind of product.



A Ballesteros wrote:
--On March 11, 2009 12:08:59 AM +0000 Communigate Forum <> wrote:

hi shaun,

just pop over to spx

once you've got an account you can buy subscriptions easy as pie.. grab a
couple and join the party!!

which is what i did, works 100% fine.. :-)

While this can work for now, if one intends to use the resulting AstraSync license with CommuniGate Pro is not recommended. I tried to indicate this in the announcement. This ordering method does create some problems for both us and our partner. There is a reconciliation task that ordering direct this will generate due to the fact that when AstraSync is used with CommuniGate Pro we are the designated distributor of licenses. This will also cause support difficulties. I do not intend to inform you that you will not be supported, that is not my message as I know our team is responsive regardless. The support I write about is related to license tracking for renewals and the Over-The-Air updates activity. Even so, we will see to it that we make an effort to address this somehow to avoid complications with future versions and subscription renewals.

I do not intend to imply with this message that any wrong has been done. I am encouraged by this activity and with the great interest generated by the offering of this solution. I am taking this as a problem that I must solve.

I appeal to everybody to please consider writing directly to me if you have a similar issue. I will take steps to better tune the process. I am also requesting this be clarified at the related links provided above.

Sincere thanks in advance,
Azdio Ballesteros
CommuniGate Systems

Shaun Gamble wrote:
Communigate Forum wrote:
hi chaps,

i'm just so happy...

blackberry bold + astra + thunderbird + lightning + synccgp....

perfection and only taken 3+ years to get too!! LOL...

all working beautifully...


rup :-)

Try buying a license for it though. It's insane how hard it is. I made
up my mind two days into the trial and notified them of my intent to
buy a license. My trial's about to run out and I've still not got
anyone wanting to take my money. Lots of passing me from person to
person. My local reseller in Australia knows very little of this
product and I think I've now been passed by three other people before
being passed to my local resellers. They also have no idea of pricing.
For such a fantastic new product which we have been waiting for with
baited breath, the release wasn't thought out really well. I'd suggest
the 7 day trial be extended to a 14 day trial just so you can make
your mind up in 3 days and wait out the rest for someone to actually
take your money and supply a license.

Shaun Gamble wrote:
I forgot to mention I am syncing email, contacts and calendar. Not a
single problem or duplication.

Shaun Gamble wrote:
I'm using a BB Bold, with AstraSync and CGP 5.2.12

I was using polling, however I have just changed it to Push Email
and it's working great. I'm currently trying to buy a license and a
new BB Bold (this one is a test) I'm so impressed with it.

Charlie Trevor wrote:
Thanks Jim, thats grand. I think your polling rather than doing push.
This seemed to be the most stable way to me. Is anyone else using
Push with no problems yet?


On Fri, 2009-03-06 at 13:31 -0600, Jim Steil wrote:

I'm using a Curve 8330.  I think I'm using the direct push.  Here
is what my Sync Schedule page looks like on the BB

Server peak start:  8:00am
Sever peak end:  5:00pm
Server peak days:
___  Sunday
_X_ Monday
_X_ Tuesday
_X_ Wednesday
_X_ Thursday
_X_ Friday
___ Saturaday

Server peak check:
5 minutes
Server off-peak check
30 minutes

Client calendar & contact check

I'm NOT syncing mail, only contacts/calendars.

Is that what you were looking for?


Charles Trevor wrote:

Hi Jim,

Can I ask what BB you are using and wether you are using Direct
Push, or polling periodically?



Jim Steil wrote:

Just an update on my AstraSync adventure.  I've now upgraded my
CGP to 5.2.12 and am using AstraSync with my blackberry and CGP
server.  Everything is running smoothly.  The only trouble I
had was with the time zone on my BB.  I had it set to -6
Central America instead of -6 Central Time.  Appts I created on
the BB were showing up an hour off in CGP.  I updated my BB to
the correct time zone (which change my appt time on the BB) and
then updated the appt time on the BB which then sync'd
correctly to CGP.  So far so good...


Jim Steil wrote:

I just realized my reply below was to the wrong post.  Here
I'm talking about AstraSync...

To my knowledge, this just became available on the 2nd.  I've
downloaded it and have it working with my account
and am very happy with how it is working.  I have to upgrade
my server to 5.2.12 before I can you it live, but will be
doing so soon (tonight?).  So far, everything I've seen has
been very positive.  Configuration was simple and
straightforward.  I'm in the process of ordering a license and
will work with it for a while before I roll it out to our 12
Blackberry Curve users.

Anyone else give it a try yet?


Communigate Forum wrote:

and this hasn't been mentioned on this list until today

i pull my hair out i swear....


Jim Steil wrote:

No, I hadn't seen it until this afternoon.  But, I'm anxious
to give
it a try...


Jim Steil wrote:

Shaun Gamble wrote:

I know, I know, I know. I shouldn't bother asking, however...

My old Atom Exec is dying and I need a new phone. I use
Outlook 2007
with MAPI and access the email remotely through WiFi or
via GPRS
using my mobile device. I trialled a BB Bold and was
unable to
connect to an IMAP account.

Does anyone have BB's working with CGP/IMAP? This is only
for one
phone, so I don't want to look at BES or the like.

I'd go with an iPhone, however I have an iTouch and as I've
mentioned on this list, unless the msg is text, it is
(winmail.dat problems).

My only other option is to wait until my telco releases
the Samsung
Omnia here in Australia.

We have 10 or so BlackBerry 8330 Curve users.  We use
email to connect to the CGP server via IMAP with no problems
whatsoever. As for sync'ing calendar/contacts, I use Funambol
(through Outlook/MAPI).  Works well most of the time, but
then seems
to get messed up and I have to re-sync from scratch again.
I agree, it would be great if CGP took BlackBerry sync
seriously. But, after I had conversations with our rep and
a marketing/sales VP,
it became very clear to me that they weren't going to do
about it.  His excuse was that they couldn't possibly test
synchronizing with EVERY phone that came along.  I agree,
but we're
talking about a BlackBerry here.  It's not like this is an
that is here today, gone tomorrow.

Sorry, had to vent a bit.

CGP would be a killer platform if they could get their
sync working with BlackBerry and iPhone.


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