Mailing List Message #97359
From: Uwe Baemayr <>
Subject: Entourage and SMTP
Date: Sun, 01 Mar 2009 10:49:01 -0600
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
X-Mailer: Pegasus Mail for Windows (4.41)

We're running CommunigatePro v5.2.11 on Windows2003.  I have one user who uses Entourage and while she can use POP to retrieve her email, she has been unable to configure Entourage to send email via our Communigate server so she sends it via her RoadRunner ISP SMTP server. We have other users on Outlook, Eudora, and Pegasus Mail who have no trouble sending email.

This weekend, we tried once again to configure Entourage to use our server's SMTP, and she simply can't authenticate.  I'm wondering if there is a SMTP setting on our server causing the problem.

On the Settings->Mail->SMTP->Receiving page, the settings are:

  Advertise AUTH to Everybody
  8BITMIME to: Everybody
  NO-SOLICITING: dom.spammer:ADLT,dom.listing:ADV
  Verify return-path for non-clients
  Verify HELO for non-clients
  Check SPF records: Add-Header
  Reverse-connect: Enabled

She has managed to blacklist herself after repeated login attempts, so it appears that Entourage and CommunigatePro aren't communicating properly. 

Might one of these options be causing the problem?  Any advice would be welcome.

--- Uwe
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