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Subject: Re: How do you deal with large Queues for a same destination in CGP?
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2009 17:24:08 -0600
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Herbert Fischer wrote:

We use CGP in a very heterogeneous environment here with lots of accounts, domains, etc. A lot of this domains send some small mailings to a lot of remote addresses. As expected the biggest remote addresses for us are,, etc.

However when we have this kind of environment an account that sent  a single message to gets prejudiced because another accounts sent a bunch of mails. The Queue gets bigger and slow and we also cannot adjust some CGP parameters per remote destination as some other MTA does. Some remote destinations also have aggressive protections against SPAM and we must setup CGP with the lowest common parameters (retry time, channels/host, etc) otherwise our IP addresses get into the blacklists.



Herbert G. Fischer

I don't see any other replies in this thread(been unable to be on the computer for an extended amount of time).

First of all, all mail servers irregardless of size and amount of email need to follow these basic guidelines or you will get blocked or throttled by some of the big ISPs(AT&T just this last Thursday installed a large number of IP addresses into their internal RBLs and many ISPs were scrambling to figure why they were added, let alone how to get off of their lists as AT&T never did admit(to my knowledge) to doing it or what the criteria was for adding these IP addresses).

With CGP, your server name is hard coded in the license.  So the server A record needs to match this server name.  The reverse lookup needs to match this server name.  And the TTL on the A record and reverse lookup should be 43,200 seconds or higher.  Several large ISP's quietly without posting details WILL block you if the TTL on these DNS records are less than 43,200 seconds(12 hours).  AOL and the RBL list SORBS are two of the FEW that clearly post their requirements/guidelines.

Some large ISPs(AOL does at will allow you to register as a large sender of email so that they will exempt you from some of their controls.  Check that out for the ISPs you are having problems with.

I am not aware of any software that will push a message to one ISP to the top of the list for that ISP.  There may be some, but I am not aware of any.

But in any case, make darn sure you have EVERYTHING listed here correct or you won't get past first level support trying to get help from that ISP.  I have found for the most part, if you follow these quidelines, esp with DNS!, things will work out just fine.  I have some mailing lists with 5 to 6 thousand addresses each.  Yahoo will slow down a bit, but within a few hours, it's all cleared out.  I have never seen the backlog last longer than 2 hours when these lists kick in.

You don't promise 5 minute delivery on email do you<GRIN>?  I have been in this business for several years(my first modem was a 1200baud modem, I missed the 300 baud ones that you put your telephone receiver on) and try to remind all that the Internet is a best effort network.  Always has been, always will be.  Things happen and things get lost or delayed, it's part of the Internet and the way it was designed.  You will never be able to change that.

Lyle Giese
LCR Computer Services, Inc.

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