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Subject: Re: Pronto and LDAP
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 11:26:39 +0200
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I'm following up on my own post (see below) because I still haven't been able to resolve the problem.

My logs seem to indicate the problem is with binding as the admin to my LDAP (OS X Server 10.5). I found generic instructions on how the binding is supposed to work in (I am also using the

Does anyone know if OS X OD is setup to allow retrieval of the plain text password by default using the directory administrator account?

How should the configuration line " adminDN=>'uid=admin,cn=host'," of look like? Mine is like this:

Begin forwarded message:

Has anyone applied these instructions to bind to an LDAP directory on OS X?

I've got everything else working except Pronto. I get an "incorrect password" from Pronto, if I try to authenticate from the LDAP directory. The instructions say: "In addition, if you wish to use the Pronto! Engine, you will need to disable the CRAM-MD5 Login Method. This will disable the SASL bind for Pronto!." But it seems to me disabling the CRAM-MD5 login method doesn't cure the problem.

Can anyone offer any insights?

On 12.1.2009, at 23:13, Kirnauskis Postmaster wrote:

Pronto doesn't work (webmail does, and always has). Are you sure you have your CGP password disabled? This the log I get from the Pronto login attempt:

17:36:11.816 4 EXTAUTH out(120): 8 SASL(CRAM-MD5) (XIMSS) 37999a0438deef8a2b413427dse0e55967 "<>" []\n
17:36:11.817 4 EXTAUTH inp(038): * trying to connect to
17:36:11.819 4 EXTAUTH inp(048): 8 ERROR Can't bind as admin: Invalid credentials
17:36:11.819 1 EXTAUTH SASL password is incorrect

Kirnauskis Postmaster

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