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Subject: RE: MAPI Problems
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2008 11:57:01 +0100
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It’s nice to see that I’m not the only one using this MAPI connector! We report this problem to Communigate a while back and they told us it was Nokia’s fault… (I doubt that Nokia’s dev ever heard of Communigate’s MAPI…)


So, we had to stick with 1.51.14 until someone resolve this issue. Meanwhile, we had to configure some iphone3g since we thought ActiveSync was usable. Since it’s not, we tried to use iTunes to sync pim data to iphone. But iTunes was crashing all the time while syncing with the new mapi (but, like the nokia, it works fine with 1.51.14)


I think the developers finally took those issues seriously since we received from tech support a pre-release version of which finally resolve both problems.


So there is hope!





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Subject: MAPI Problems


Hello List,


We’re facing some very strange problems after the last CG update.

Previuosly we were using MAPI 1.2.3 with CG 5.0, which worked fine for us. After updating to 5.2.8 the following problem occurred:

Using MAPI (also external programs which are accessing Outlook (2003/2000) in any way, stop working after some time.

I'll try to explain better: We're using the Nokia PC Suite to sync Calendar/Tasks out to mobile phones. This Program synchronizes for 3 times, then it stops working and gives the error that it was unable to sync. (We have just tried several Versions of this program, including the latest, but the error persists).

Another program we are using extensively is called D3. Some users need to export data from this program using the "Send to -> Email" function which is integrated in Windows. However, this works for about 3 times, then they are unable to export to email. (No errors shown)
When they CLOSE the program (D3 or even PC Sync) and restart it, it works for 3 more times!! Then they are enforced to restart it again, and again, and....
All in all I can say that the problems begun with the Email upgrade. Reinstalling Windows (all available patches applied) doesn't solve the problem. I think it is some kind of incompatibility with the MAPI Connector.

I searched through the CG forums and mailing lists and I found someone who has the same problem:


I would like to know if this problem is a MAPI bug or machine/OS/software specific… and if it’s possible to solve it (I hope so)


Thanks in advance


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