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From: Jakob Peterhänsel <>
Subject: Re: Thunderbird Contacts on CGP - a solution?
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2008 01:26:13 +0200
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Hi Shaun,

I understand your frustration.

I'm in the middle of moving some cusomers from Apples OS X Server Mail & also some from CGP. All to Kerio Mailsever!

If France' Foreign Ministry can run Kerio with 15000 users, so can my customers.

Full OS X mail, iCal, Entourage + complete Exchange support for Outlook.
Add iPhone support, Blackberry (if needed) and webmail that works ok as well... 

At 1/2 the price... of MS Exchange - not bad.

    Jakob Peterhänsel

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- JP, May 2006

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On 09/10/2008, at 00:07, Shaun Gamble wrote:

NiverSoft released a version of SyncKolab which kind of worked with CGP. The problem was the updating. I've currently installed the latest version of SyncKolab and Lightning and pretty much gave up straight away.

These are the main reasons I am looking to possibly outsource our email operations to a company using Exchange and get rid of CGP. We're now at a point where it's all just too hard. I have the Australian CGP resellers contacting me about renewing my CGP license. I am currently trying to move all of our computers away from MS Office and start using Open Office instead. I'd like to use TB as the email client, however we desperately need calendars and contacts. I can imagine I am not alone in this quest. So getting a client like SyncKolab to work with CGP could be a big money earner. OSX is not going to go away, especially with the apathy toward Vista. Mobile device mail is just becoming more and more of a priority and these duplicating bugs are not being fixed.

However, having participated in this mailing list for quite a long time now, I know it won't happen. So outsourcing, or Exchange, is now on the table.

My apologies for the rant.I know I should sit down and start writing an add on for TB and will probably try.

Duncan Hardy wrote:
I've just been playing with SyncKolab.  Yeah, we've been there before. Just to recap, it is an add-in for Thunderbird which can replicate Thunderbird address book changes onto imap folders (and vice versa). Trouble is, out of the box it has a few problems.  The vcard mime type used is incorrect, which means neither Thunderbird nor CGP webmail will  interpret the messages properly.  Furthermore the subject and to addresses in the header are unhelpful.

It turns out these can be quite easily fixed by patching the code.  I am not sure you would want to do this in a production environment (I don't know the full consequences and the changes would be overwritten by a SyncKolab update) but it seems to work OK for personal use.  New/changed contacts in Thunderbird are displayed correctly in CGP webmail and changes made via the web are carried into Thunderbird.  (In common with most sync routines it won't replicate deletion.  You need to delete in both places otherwise records are 'resurrected' but I don't think this is a big problem with an address book).  In case anyone is interested here's what I did (to synckolab 1.0.1):

- Unpack synckolab.jar which can be found in the extension's chrome directory (most zip/unzip tools will do this).
- Edit file contactTools.js
-- Replace    return generateMail(card.custom4, email, "vCard", "text/vcard",
-- With         return generateMail("", card.primaryEmail, card.displayName, "text/x-vcard",
- Edit file tools.js
-- Replace    msg += "From: " + mail + "\n";
-- With        msg += "From: \n";
-- Replace    msg += "To: synckolab@no.tld\n";
-- With        msg += "To: " + mail + "\n";
- Repack the archive and you are done.

It works for me but use this at your own risk - I am an accountant not a programmer!



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