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Thanks for the phone info that is helpful.  I've been looking at the polycom phones aswell, except I've been looking at the higher end models (expensive!), only because the employees here are not fully in the digital age yet and need the soft buttons with labels next to them for quick intercoms/lines.  If they have to navigate anything, then I'll never get any work done.  So the optimal phone would be one with like 12 softkeys and lights next to them to show if someone is on the phone.  If I could find something like that decently built with good audio quality I would be happy, because they would be happy.


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> I have a quick question about communigates pbx features.  I'm looking at
> sip phones trying to decide what we should get here at my work and I'm
> still pretty new to sip terminology and features so maybe some of you
> could help me out.

Like most everything else seemingly nowadays, it's a constant learning
experience anymore.

> We have 4 analog lines that will be coming into a Mediatrix 1204 4 Port
> FXO Gateway (Just Ordered) which will then be linked into communigate
> where communigate will handle call routing for extensions and lines
> (Correct Thinking?).  Now my question is this that I keep seeing on all
> the phones where they might have 6-12 soft keys that can be programmed
> but they all say 2,4,6 lines support.  Since I have 4 lines would I in
> turn need a 4 line phone or could a single line phone with softkeys be
> used aswell just programmed to pickup a certain line through communigate?

I have one Digium Wildcard TDM800P with one quad FXO and one quad FXS
module along with a Wildcard TE121 (single-span [TEJ]1 card).  I am
however using Asterisk instead of CommuniGate, so I can't speak directly
to the integration with CommuniGate itself.  Just wanted you to have
some background for the next part.

> Next question is quality on these sip phones.  Anyone had experience
> with some of mid to higher end business grade phones, and know some that
> compare with traditional business phones?   I'm just afraid of ording a
> $200 dollar phone and sounding like I'm in a tunnel every time I use it.

To be honest, I'm not sure you even need to spend this much.  I'm using
around twenty Polycom SoundPoint IP 320's and one SoundStation 6000.
The 320's can be found on-line for less than one hundred dollars (USD)
and support up to eight simultaneous calls or four conference calls, and
have two physical line buttons.  The physical line buttons don't really
mean a whole lot with regard to number of calls in the SIP world as much
as the number of unique registrations (or identities) one can appear to
be from a single phone.

Having said that, the Polycom phones also have a fantastic reputation
for sound quality, and I can certainly agree with that.  They are also
extremely flexible as you can configure far too many different aspects
of the phones via their XML configuration files which can be loaded at
startup from the network.

I don't mean to sound like a Polycom representative here.  I'm sure
pretty much any SIP phone will work for you across four analog phone
lines.  I just don't think you necessarily need to spend so much if
you're just looking for good, solid phones without too many of the fancy
frills on the mid-range phones.  I mean, these things even have an
embedded XHTML mini-browser on them!  The only thing missing possibly
might be a backlight for the LCD screens, which would be a nice
additional feature if your coworkers tend to work in cave-like
conditions like mine.

Anyway, I can't help too much with the CommuniGate integration
obviously.  I've wondered about how to maybe integrate Asterisk and
CommuniGate myself in the past, but haven't really spent any time on it
myself.  But if you have any SIP related phone questions, feel free to
drop me a line.

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