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Subject: Re: E-mail Archiving Solutions
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2008 09:38:57 +1000
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ish Support wrote:
Your question is fair enough.

What I mean is, every email that goes in and out of my mail server I would like to copied down and saved on a storage device.

Then I would like a user interface with an ACL where I can give access per email account for general stuff (without the ability to delete) and then higher access to the relevant staff, this is so we can track and search on emails where the company in question is being defrauded of their money, but the emails were all deleted when the person in question was found out. Also this helps in keeping the email server free of stale account, at the moment we have clients with 100 User servers but only 20 users because they are afraid that whatever information is in old accounts "could" be useful at "sometime".

Then, at a basic level, why don't you look at a mirroring rule which stores a copy of every email (incoming and outgoing) into a CGP account using server rules. The account would then sort (through account based rules) into separate folders such as Company1, Company2, etc or even Company1\User1, Company2\User2.

You could use webmail to access the folders and restricting the access by sharing the folders with access restrictions.

I use CGP to do my email archiving. My spam rules come before my monitor rules. I then use ThunderBird IMAP to access the emails when necessary. This is usually "I deleted an important email, can you give it back to me?".

Just ensure you setup the archiving account as mdir otherwise 2GB fills up very quickly with each of the folders.


On 05/08/2008, at 2:13 AM, Graeme Fowler wrote:

When you say "email archiving", what do you mean?



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