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From: Gavin Lawrie <>
Subject: Re: Apple iCal & CalDAV anyone?
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 23:04:49 +0100
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On 12 Jun 2008, at 21:49, Andreas Steinmann wrote:

looks like iCal can show a CGP calendar, but events created in iCal does not show on CGP:

22:30:58.419 3 MAILBOX( failed to parse calendar message 243044. Error Code=Illegal Calendar data format
22:30:58.419 3 MAILBOX( failed to parse calendar message 243045. Error Code=Illegal Calendar data format
22:30:58.423 3 MAILBOX( failed to parse calendar message 243070. Error Code=Illegal Calendar data format
22:30:59.285 1 HTTPU-013462([]) Unsupported method: ACL /CalDAV/Dropbox/71212FE3-ACCF-4B8A-8529-B923F10A70AE.dropbox/ HTTP/1.1
22:32:41.329 1 HTTPU-013469([]) Unsupported method: ACL /CalDAV/Dropbox/71212FE3-ACCF-4B8A-8529-B923F10A70AE.dropbox/ HTTP/1.1
22:32:43.854 1 HTTPU-013474([]) Unsupported method: ACL /CalDAV/Dropbox/71212FE3-ACCF-4B8A-8529-B923F10A70AE.dropbox/ HTTP/1.1

What's wrong with the Calendar data format?
Why is CGP trying to parse the Calendar data to INBOX?
What does unsupported method... mean?

We don't seen any problems with events created in iCal appearing in CGP (e.g. Webmail's calendar), or in Sunbird.  I suspect there is something odd with your setup of the CGP account that is causing these problems.  A simple way we have found to ensure everything is working OK is to create a calendar folder via webmail and create a junk meeting in that folder in webmail, and create a general folder in webmail off the root directory called Dropbox.  

Then, when you connect to CGP from iCal using CalDAV iCal scans the root folder and identifies the created calendar folder as a calendar, along with any other calendars you have created.  So if you have three calendar folders in the root folder, you'll see three calendars appear in the iCal CalDAV account also.  Of course, if you are sure your calendar folder is working OK, you don't need to create the extra folder.

I'm guessing from the error that there might be something wrong with the ACL and / or location of your Dropbox folder.  We put it off the root folder, and by creating it via webmail ensure the ACL is set for the user to access.  I'm sure the wizards in this forum could do the same thing many dozen other ways, but this is simple and reliable.  All iCal seems to do with the Dropbox folder is dump files in - CGP is not directly involved, and there is nothing obviously complex going on.  It seems that the Dropbox folder can be of any type. 

I use my_server:8100/CalDAV/Calendar to connect from Mozilla Sunbird and everything works fine.

We have CGP web access on port 80, so don't use port qualifiers.  But don't see why the port should have anything to do with it.  But the URL we use to connect to iCal via CalDAV doesn't have anything in after CalDAV/ - there probably is some way to pick only the calendar you want, but we've not worked it out yet.

Same address does not work from iCal - here i use http://my_server:8100/CalDAV/

So you are doing what we do.  Works for us.

But when I change something in iCal, I get: request to the server failed (code 30).

This is probably because of the problems with your access to Dropbox.  The only purpose that Dropbox seems to serve on CGP is to make the 'Calendar not found' errors less common.  They don't go away completely, but it helps.  Without Dropbox working, even doing something like changing the colour of the calendar will trigger this error.  If you have more than one calendar defined you'll get that many copies of the error too.  Nice!  Apparently more recent versions of CGP are less noisy in this respect, but what exactly is cause has not been disclosed (at least to me).  We're running 5.2.3 on OS X Intel if that helps.

If you have specific issues you are welcome to contact me off-forum and I'll see if I can help.  But don't get your hopes up - CGP and iCal via CalDAV is really still at proof of concept level: it is better than not having it, particularly if you have multiple machines and want to update calendar from several places, but for general use where you only have one machine talking to calendars on CGP it really is more trouble than it is worth, and you are better off sticking with publish / subscribe.


Gavin Lawrie

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