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From: Tom Rymes <>
Subject: Mac Groupware requests [was: Re: General Questions]
Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 09:24:22 -0400
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
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No offense to those who have posted here, but you should also call the sales dept at Stalker and talk to them about this issue. Not that they aren't lurking here, but a phone call is a better way to discuss this request IMHO.

Also, for whomever was looking for an automatic update of the MAPI plugin without user intervention. It can be done (and without granting Admin rights, IIRC). Ask here and I'm sure that there are a couple of people who have already done it. At the very least, I think that a reasonably simple Windows startup (note: NOT login) script can make that happen. For that matter, it's something that I really need to implement here, but haven't gotten to.


On Jun 10, 2008, at 9:00 AM, Keith Beeby wrote:

Same again.

Please Communigate, give Mac users a real Groupware solution, 

On 10 Jun 2008, at 13:16, Lyn wrote:

I too am getting pressure to find a replacement for CGP. I get inquiries almost daily from our growing Mac & iPhone base asking for groupware features that can match Exchange.

I selected CGP long ago because of the great features available for the relatively low overall price. Today, the high price of CGP coupled with relatively weak cross-platform groupware features make it far less compelling.


On Jun 10, 2008, at 5:04 AM, Krister Laag wrote:
Ditto on that, we are about to throw out our CGP because of the lack of support for iCal delegations, public calendars and mailserver hosted adressbooks. Exchange support without a plugin/updatable MAPI plugin without user action would make the perfect final score.
-Krister Laag

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