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Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 12:04:21 +0200
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Ditto on that, we are about to throw out our CGP because of the lack of support for iCal delegations, public calendars and mailserver hosted adressbooks. Exchange support without a plugin/updatable MAPI plugin without user action would make the perfect final score.
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10 jun 2008 kl. 03.29 skrev CommuniGate Pro Discussions:

Från: Aaron Willems <>
Datum: ti 10 jun 2008 02.05.22 GMT+02:00
Ämne: General Questions


Do anyone know if Communigate Pro is going to make any new announcements
soon? I'm interested if Communigate Pro will support the new iPhone now that
it supports Active Synch. I'm also interested if the new Pronto Flash
interface will ever fully work on Firefox. As it it now, when you log in it
says the media functions are disabled, and to use IE. Finally, I hear that
Communigate Pro may support WebDev in the future. Kerio uses this technology
to emulate Exchange support in regards to Mac and PC clients. I'm asking
because my CTO mentioned Exchange today, and I really don't want to go

Aaron Willems
Systems Administrator
Lieberman Productions
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