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From: Krister Laag <>
Subject: Re: Apple iCal & CalDAV anyone?
Date: Wed, 4 Jun 2008 09:22:50 +0200
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We are at the same stage, calendar works great, but delegations is NOT working. We are currently in process of swapping out an Exchange server, and if we can't get full functionality of the calendar server in CGP, we will have to switch to something else. Kerio is working flawlessly in this regard.
I'd hate to leave CGP after more then 10 years of usage for such a small thing, but it's a showstopper.
We also can't get public calendars to work, it might be possible, but we don't know how. Some documentation from Stalker would be an tremendous asset in setting up iCal to CGP.
Just a list of what's doable and not in the current release and what will in upcoming patches would help a lot.
To us, the list is as follows;
Publish or Subscribe:Yes
CalDAV hosted calendar:Yes
Public calendars:No

Is there something missing from my list?


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Från: Peter Clark <>
Datum: ti 3 jun 2008 18.19.29 GMT+02:00
Ämne: Re: Apple iCal & CalDAV anyone?

Didn't mean to send that so fast ... I setup CalDAV in iCal on Leopard ... all works swimingly, can add appointments to Calendar and they appear on webmail calendar ... except when I select the "delegation" tab in CommuniGate it says:
Request to the server failed (code 30).

and won't reconnect to the CalDAV until I restart iCal.
Any ideas?
We're running 5.2.1 for what its worth.


On 3 Jun 2008, at 17:16, Peter Clark wrote:

Fantastic post.
Have you got the assets and delegations working? Can you say you have a meeting in Room 2, and tell if its busy or not?


On 26 May 2008, at 21:54, Gavin Lawrie wrote:

On 26 May 2008, at 17:51, Steve Harman wrote:

I'd like to start using Apple's iCal (3.0.2) on Leopard (10.5.2) with CGPro 5.2.2.  From what I've read both this version of Apple's iCal and CGPro support CalDAV, however despite much reading of the CGP help files and about iCal's configuration I can't get iCal to speak with our CGP server.

Yes, not an uncommon result.  It would be good if CGP help included information on this that worked.  Not helped by iCal implementation of CalDAV being poorly documented too.

In iCal I visit iCal > Preferences > Accounts and create a new account with a valid name & password.  In the Server Options pulldown I manually configure a URL for our server: which presumably in conjunction with the account credentials already supplied should find its way to _my_ calendar data via CalDAV?  Unfortunately all I get is "Request encountered an unexpected error (domain (null) / code0)." from iCal.

I've had CalDAV working on CGP for some time.  The URL we use is simply http://domain.tld/CalDAV/ - I suspect the additional Calendar is what is screwing things up.  What is cute / useful is that if there is more than one calendar defined on the account being logged into then all of them appear in iCal under the entry for the CalDAV account.

I have not worked out yet if it is possible to subscribe via iCal / CGP to someone else's calendar using CalDAV.

Downside is that iCal seems to view CalDAV calendars as existing in a parallel universe to other iCal calendars.  You can't (for example) move an appointment from one non-CalDAV calendar to a CalDAV one by changing its association in the event's Get Info settings.  Further, CalDAV calendars don't appear to work sensibly with invitations to events or any other groupware event.  Further, iCal seems to assume the existence of a variety of folders / configurations / responses from the server that I don't think are in the CalDAV standard.  One for example (we found by trial and error) is the need for an empty folder at root level in the account called Dropbox.  Without this iCal will routinely throw HTTP errors when accessing the CalDAV calendar.  If you have it, iCal starts attaching oddly named attachments to appointments... 

I deduce from a support message while trying to debug one of these odd errors that more recent builds of CGP either do or will 'ignore' some of the odd requests from iCal rather than throwing errors.  Not sure if this is long-term useful, but makes things a bit less noisy I suppose.

Could anyone suggest where I'm going wrong and / or provide a sample URL for CalDAV access to CGP, in case I've got mine wrong please? I've tried the two variants (CalDAV & ICS) documented here with the same result.    I can_subscribe_ to my calendar (read only of course) via iCal's Calendar > Subscribe option so I'm guessing network connectivity, server user name & password are all OK.

Yes - you enter the URL (as per above) and your CGP user name and password.  That's it.  Rest works automagically.

If you contact me off - list I'll send you some png's of the account settings we use.


Gavin Lawrie

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