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From: Wayne Gamble <>
Subject: Re: archiving - should we go it alone?
Date: Thu, 08 May 2008 06:09:17 -0700
To: <CGatePro>
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.919.2)

When I set up our archiving system the first problem I ran into is the 2GB folder limit.   If your numbers hold true you'd need to create a new folder every few hours.  

Our volume is somewhat lower than yours but my solution is to download the mail from our archive account via POP every hour to a utility computer (Mac) set up to do various maintenance tasks.  Every four hours an archiving program MailStewardPro imports all messages from the POP client ( into a mySQL database.  Mail is then deleted from the POP client about once a month, (fyi: I allowed to accumulate 55GB of mail as a test and it still ran well)

 When we need to retrieve a message we query the mySQL database.  

If you run Macs, you can purchase MailStewardPro for $99.00 at

- Wayne


From:  Brian Gibson 
Date:  Wed, 07 May 2008 13:47:43 -0400

We are looking at archiving all emails that go in and out of here. We are looking at some products but we are also looking at doing this ourselves with a separate server running the Community Edition of CGPro. We set up one archiving account and was going to have our Barracuda and our CGPro server mirror messages over to this account. We figured once a week we could have a script run that would use Perl's IMAP functions to create a new archive folder under the account (named after the date, for example "Friday-May-9-2008") and move all the messages from the previous week into that folder. If we needed to do some searching for a legal case we could connect via IMAP to that account and subscribe to all of its folders and just start searching for all messages sent to and from the specific user.

We wrote some scripts to get an idea of how much email is being sent to our main CGPro server, it is about 1.8 to 2.0 GB a day. We still have to find out how much email we send out per day. Just for grins lets say it is another 2 GB. Would having a weekly IMAP folder filled with about 28 GB of messages (7 days x 4 GB per day) be too large for a client like Thunderbird to search through to find messages?

Is anyone out there doing something like this?

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