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From: Gavin Lawrie <>
Subject: Re: iCal -> CalDAV error - help please!
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 20:52:19 +0100
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.919.2)
This happened again, and this time I put the log on full and watched to see what was causing the error.

This is what I saw...

20:37:29.202 5 HTTPU [77.44.xx.x0]:80 <- [77.44.xx.x3]:34760 connection request. socket=36
20:37:29.202 4 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) got connection on [77.44.xx.x0]:80(domain.tld) from [77.44.xx.x3]:34760
20:37:29.222 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) inp: DELETE /CalDAV/Dropbox/d22fea80-eb9b-11dc-af8d-001451110798.dropbox/ HTTP/1.1
20:37:29.222 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) inp: User-Agent: DAVKit/2.0 (10.5.2; wrbt) iCal 3.0.2
20:37:29.222 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) inp: Authorization: Basic Z2F2aW4ubGF3cmllOm9wdGlvbmFs
20:37:29.222 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) inp: Content-Length: 0
20:37:29.222 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) inp: Connection: close
20:37:29.222 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) inp: Host: mail.domain.tld
20:37:29.222 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) inp: 
20:37:29.222 4 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) req(0): DELETE /CalDAV/Dropbox/d22fea80-eb9b-11dc-af8d-001451110798.dropbox/
20:37:29.223 2 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) Error.wssp retrieved
20:37:29.223 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) hdr: HTTP/1.1 500 mailbox does not exist
20:37:29.223 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) hdr: Content-Length: 621
20:37:29.223 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) hdr: Connection: close
20:37:29.223 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) hdr: Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 19:37:29 GMT
20:37:29.223 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) hdr: Content-Type: text/html;charset=utf-8
20:37:29.223 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) hdr: Server: CommuniGatePro/5.2.2
20:37:29.223 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) hdr: 
20:37:29.223 4 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) rsp(621): 500 mailbox does not exist
20:37:29.223 5 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) out: HTTP/1.1 500 mailbox does not exist\r\nContent-Length: 621\r\nConnection: close\r\nDate: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 19:37:29 GMT\r\nContent-Type: text/html;charset=utf-8\r\nServer: CommuniGatePro/5.2.2\r\n\r\n<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transiti
20:37:29.223 4 HTTPU-031318([77.44.xx.x3]) closing connection
20:37:29.223 4 HTTPU-031318([77.44.domain.tld3]) releasing stream

The error is being caused because a DELETE command fails (at least that is what it seems to be).

Anyone got any idea what the /CalDAV/Dropbox/.... stuff is about?

Any idea why it is failing?

Thanks for any insight.


Gavin Lawrie

On 26 Apr 2008, at 00:34, Eric Chamberlain wrote:

On Apr 17, 2008, at 9:01 AM, Gavin Lawrie wrote:

Periodically I'm seeing this error reported by iCal3 when talking to a CalDAV calendar on CGP (5.2.2, on OS X 10.4.11 / Intel).  

This account (CGP) appears to be offline because of a network or server problem.

Request for "Calendar" in account "CGP" failed.

The server responded with
"HTTP/1.1 500 mailbox does not exist"
to operation CalDAVDeleteDropBoxQueueableOperation.

Most of the time the calendar works just fine (within boundaries of various limitations of CGP and iCal's treatment of CalDAV).  Then for no obvious reason iCal goes into this failure mode.  It doesn't appear to be an error on CGP - the CalDAV calendar data is still there, and can be accessed easily via other CalDAV clients (e.g. Sunbird) or webmail calendar.  

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this, and has come up with a better work around than creating a new CalDAV account in iCal (with identical settings to original, but different name), and deleting old one.


I've started getting the following error:

This account (RF.COM) appears to be offline because of a network or server problem.

Request for calendar failed.

The server responded with
"HTTP/1.1 500 file is not found"
to operation CalDAVRemoveCalendarQueueableOperation.

Would you like to go online now?

I've sent a copy of the logs to support.

Eric Chamberlain

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