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From: Peter Leye <>
Subject: Re: NotifyLink for CGrpo... a few questions
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 23:56:51 +0400
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
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>We are looking at the NotifyLink tools for CommuniGate and I had a few
>1. We do not use Outlook and the MAPI connector, can we still use
>NotifyLink to sync the contacts and calendar info people enter into Webmail
>(SPID 1.3)?
It's not related (you don't need to use) Outlook and the MAPI connector.

>2. Is it a two way sync for both contacts and calendars?

> Ex: A user creates a new contact entry in their PDA, will it sync back
> into Webmail?

>3. Can you sync multiple contact folders within a user's account?
I don't know, better ask them.
Actually, I don't think that you can sync multiple contact folders, since
the PDA probably only  has one "contacts"

>4. Does it just use IMAP (or secure IMAP) to view/manage email on the PDA
>or does it use some special protocol?
Their software installed on the devices talks to the NotifyLink server (can
be at your location, or can be their hosted one), which in turn talks IMAP
your CGPro.

> I ask this because we setup a user with a Blackberry to use secure IMAP to
> our server and it worked just fine.

Best regards,

Peter Leye

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