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From my similar question a few months ago..

1. Don't keep large messages (>1MB) in the INBOX. Simply moving them out of inbox will reduce load and poll times greatly. For some users, we use a server-side rule to store them in another folder as they are received.

2. Delete and re-create recurring appointments periodically. Recurring calendar appointments store all their history and exceptions in a single calendar item. Parsing this information is slow and really degrades Outlook performance.

3. Test MBOX vs MDIR mailbox storage. As I noted for another admin yesterday, different servers have different "best handling" of files.
Some handle many small files better, some handle fewer larger files better. We use indexed MBOX here.

4. If you have roaming profiles enabled, use local storage for the CommuniGate Pro cache. This keeps the system from having to sync up a lot of data with the file server in addition to the email server.

Plus I have discovered..

5. run port 143 not 993 - this makes a huge difference.

6. uncheck the "include all folders in send/receive operation" in the tools->email accounts->communigate->advanced page.

7. Run of the client connector and at least 5.1.14 of the server connector

8. Make sure any anti-virus has the outlook profile excluded from checking.

9. make sure there's nothing like plaxo/webex in outlook as well. This really seems to slow Outlook down.

You don't mention what versions etc you are running but I'm runn CGP 5.1.14 on linux 64bit and mapi 1.51.15 with outlook 2003. with the CGP Accounts on a 8 disk hardware raid5 set.

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> Is there anything we can do to speed up the MAPI when used over WAN? I'm
> looking for some advices/best practices to help our roaming users!
> We have 2/2mbits connection to our server and it's far from being
> overloaded.
> Thanks,
> Fred

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