Mailing List Message #94256
From: John Rudd <>
Subject: Re: simple smtp server - suggestions?
Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2008 14:02:35 -0800
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
Brian Gibson wrote:
Hey everyone,

We are looking to set up an outbound SMTP server for people internally here to use with their email clients. Right now we have people send out through our Barracuda anti-spam appliance but they are competing for resources with the spamming scumbags that hit our Barracuda pretty hard. We don't want to use our CGPro server because I don't want it getting bogged down. Does anyone have a suggestions (Windows or Linux) for a piece of software? I want to avoid Sendmail, I have used it before and it is too cryptic for my taste.

We in fact use our CGP machine (cluster, really) for the user facing SMTP (SMTP-AUTH, etc.).  It then goes to another CGP machine for oubound queue'ing.  That machine could be a community license machine, if we wanted -- it only has a couple admin accounts on it.  So, it just accepts everything from our primary cluster, and then is responsible for dealing with yahoo, hotmail, etc.

So, we have some inbound MX servers that are CGP based (currently running a clamav helper, and a spamassassin helper, but we also have some sophos and cloudmark licenses for them; we just haven't deployed them), a user facing CGP cluster (SMTP-AUTH, IMAP, POP, webmail, etc.) all behind 1 address so users only have to know 1 hostname, and then a machine or two for outbound traffic (submitted from the cluster, not from users directly).

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