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I’d suggest using some process monitor tool to examine not only the CGPro service itself, but any threads it may have spawned.


I don’t know what tools exist for FreeBSD, but by way of example, on my Windows 2003 server running CGP, there’s the “cgstarter.exe” process that spawns a thread for “cgserver.exe”.


Depending on the plugins and options configured, you may see CGPMcAfee or CGPSophos, etc.  On mine, I see a Perl thread (part of the attachment checking rule) and 4 aspell.exe threads (I guess it launches a separate one for each language option you have configured).


Any one of those might actually be causing the high CPU usage, not necessarily the main CGP process.


For Windows, the sysinternals tools Process Explorer and Process Monitor are top notch and tracking down which program is causing resource usage, and for finding out exactly what it’s doing… but since it’s been years since I’ve tinkered with any *nix systems, I’ll let someone else figure out the best way to troubleshoot on those. J


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Subject: 5.2 Server using a lot of CPU




Server OS:     FreeBSD          

Server Hardware:      x86 (32-bit)      

Server Version:          5.2.0

MAPI Version:


The service is using a lot of CPU, and we can not seem to work out why.


it sometimes idles at around 1/2% but mostly it's churning at 10%, we have about 10e-mals accounts and we are not processing that many mails a day. For the last our, we processed 144mails, and we have an external task which is copying them all to e-mail.


What could be using such high usage? it sometimes peaks and averages around 50/70%, it jsut seems to be a bit excessive.






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