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From: Gavin Lawrie <>
Subject: Re: CalDAV Delegation support in 5.2?
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 18:10:18 +0000
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On 15 Feb 2008, at 13:40, Marcel Hochuli wrote:

Who is testing CGP 5.2 CalDAV with Mac OS X 10.5.2 iCal 3.0.2 (1236)?

I managed to build a halfway working account in iCal. It connects without error, but it only syncs one way, from iCal to CGP. Events made on CGP (webinterface) will not show up in iCal.

If I modify an event made in iCal on the CGP webinterface, it vanishes from iCal the next time it connects.

And: delegation support is not there (alas Thread-Topic).

Who has experience and is willing to share it?

We've got three accounts running via CalDAV connection from iCal3 (i.e. Leopard) clients.  Our experience so far is as follows:

1) Entering users CGP log-in info and URL in the URL space on the 'Accounts' page of iCal 3 preferences leads to creation of a separate iCal calendar that does talk 'two-way' with CGP calendar data - i.e. changes to calendar on server do get reflected on iCal 3 version without problem
2) Delegation doesn't work at all - iCal 3 reports that CGP doesn't support this and won't engage further on topic
3) CalDAV accounts seem to live in a separate 'space' in iCal which causes some problems.  For example you cannot move an appointment from a 'local' iCal calendar to the CalDAV one by changing 'calendar' setting in the meeting properties - you have to 'copy' the appointment then select the CalDAV calendar and paste.  This is different from what happens when you use 'publish' to connect to CGP - the published calendar appears in the same 'space' in iCal as other local calendars
4) You can iSync the CalDAV calendar, but you iSync does not recognise the CalDAV calendar as being one that can be written to.  iSync will refuse to sync any CalDAV calendar information unless you create at least one 'local' iCal calendar and sync that as well.  Again this is a change compared to what happens using publish & subscribe.
5) Publish and subscribe and CALDav can co-exist - though why you want them to is unclear, as the 'publish' behaves as iCal 2 publish, i.e. deleting all content on CGP during write, so deleting any server based changes.
6) There seems to be a bug that occurs when setting up a CalDAV connection for first time.  Way we've done it is to add CalDAV connection info and iCal creates / connects to CGP calendar. Then we 'unpublish but leave data on server' the original iCal calendar that was 'published' on the CGP server.  This should leave the CalDAV 'in charge' of the calendar data.  What actually happens is soon after all the data on the CGP copy of calendar disappears.  Work around is to 'export' the published calendar to an ics file before you do the switch over, wait for info to disappear and then reimport calendar info from that ics file.  From then on CalDAV works OK.
7) CalDAV appears to be taking longer to refresh than normal publish / subscribe actions, but not by much.
8) CGP still has the bug that new accounts are created without calendar folders, and until calendar folders are created it won't allow connections to a calendar - so setting up an new user calendar still requires opening account in Webmail and making a new event before you do anything with iCal.
9) We have successfully tested one user accessing their calendar from both desktop and laptop and both staying in sync.  Likewise we've tested webmail calendar changes being reflected back to iCal 3.

Hope this helps.  Will post more as and when we find more.

I suspect your problem with iCal is that you are still connecting via Publish / Subscribe, or you still have the publishing calendar active alongside your CalDAV version - what you describe sounds just like iCal simply overwriting the server each time it refreshes.


Gavin Lawrie

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