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Subject: RE: mapi 1.51.15 and Outlook 2007 crash all the time
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 08:33:25 -0600
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I was going to suggest that you look over to see what changed between 1.51.15 in 5.2c4 and in 5.2 production (post 5.2.c4) but I see that the info there hasn’t been updated yet.



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To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions
Subject: mapi 1.51.15 and Outlook 2007 crash all the time


cgp 5.2c4 Linux, office 2007, XP

I upgraded mapi to 1.51.15 on both server and client and i have only problems, on all system about 100 outlook crashes as soon as i start outlook, i downgrade back to and some crashes still persist. i removed the profile and recreated it and still problems, i am wandering if the data is not already corrupted in the server. Anyhow, i have a  disaster on my hands, i have to manually remove all profiles from the client. not good. don't upgrade MAPi until is fixed.


Chris V.


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