Mailing List Message #93986
From: Val Luck <>
Subject: after upgrade, CGPRO dies with no error
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 06:13:17 -0800
To: <CGatePro>
Hello All,

I am trying to upgrade a communigate system to a more recent version.

I am running linux ubuntu (kernel 2.6.22-14-server) on AMD Athlon CPU.  Memory is limited; it currently has 1gb of memory that has to share with other processes.

I don't remember exactly what version was running, but I recently downloaded


and installed it.  I then modified the startup scripts to point to my original CommungateBase directory in the /etc/init.d/Communigate startup.

When I started it up, it would run for a minute or two, then the communigate process would just "go away" .. nothing was logged, it would just exit.

I thought there might be some funky configuration in the older config files, so I then pointed the CommunigateBase to a new empty directory, started the new CGP up. and created the default domain, and the user within that domain.  I then shut it down, and copied over the main account I wish to access, 1.7gb in size... I start it back up, and it looks good ... I can access emails via IMAP and everything seems good ... until the process goes away a few minutes later.  Again, no logging in SystemLogs directory.

This server does not have an abundance of memory, so, I'm not sure if that is the issue.  Is there a way to tell communigate to try and "use less memory" even when working with big files?  Is there a way to see what commungate is consuming?

val.macnt # du -h
0       ./craptest.mdir
83M     ./Sent.mdir
0       ./Drafts.mdir
0       ./INBOX.folder/Spam-OldAccounts2.mdir
0       ./INBOX.folder/Spam-OldAccounts3.mdir
4.2M    ./INBOX.folder/TempInboxRoot.mdir
1.5M    ./INBOX.folder/Spam ConstantSpammers.mdir
2.4M    ./INBOX.folder/List-DevShed.mdir
0       ./INBOX.folder/Junk E-mail.mdir
1.5G    ./INBOX.folder
39M     ./Junk.mdir
1.7G    .

As you can see, the "Friends.mbox" file alone is 1.4gb, with all files totaling 1.7gb.

Is there a way to turn on more verbose debugging to see what might be happening right before it dies?

Are there any known issues with Ubutunu?  Kernel  2.6.22-14?  CGP version "CGatePro-Linux-Intel-5014"?  Should I be using a different version of CGP for this Ubuntu/kernel 2.6.22-14?  My CGP was purchased approx in April of 2006, so I don't know how recent a version I qualify for.

Anything else of you can think of?  Help!



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