Mailing List Message #93858
From: Victor Balakine <>
Subject: standard-based vCard client
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 15:48:02 -0800
To: <>

I was reading CGP documentation, and this part about WebMail - Contacts made me curious: "The standard-based vCard storage format is compatible with any standard-based vCard client, and with Microsoft Windows groupware applications, including Microsoft Outlook (via the MAPI Connector component)".

Did they have any particular "
standard-based vCard client" in mind? I've spent some time on Google trying to find one, and it seems there is no such thing. Which leads to my question - what do you use for server-based address books?

So far I have these options:
1) Netscape 4.8 with Roaming Profiles, which is 10 years old now. Netscape dropped Roaming Profiles in its next release, and Netscape itself is no more.
2) Thunderbird with SyncKolab. WebMail (and Pronto with it) use different format, so it's not really a solution.
3) MS Outlook and MAPI connector.

Am I missing anything here? Do we have any other ways to keep user's address books on the server?

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