Mailing List Message #93804
From: Joe Pruskowski <>
Subject: CalDav delegation implementation
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 07:54:18 -0800
To: Discussions Pro CommuniGate <>
X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.915)
I would hope that CG will implement the full CalDav spec, which includes delegation. Delegation is arguably the most important part of CalDav and allows for access to public calendars as well as proper, controlled sharing of both public and person calendars. Even though OSX Server uses their directory server to manage rights, it is not necessary for implementing delegation. For example, Kerio's implementation uses their internal rights database (which is open to LDAP in a manner similar to CG) to support delegation. If implemented correctly, it works very well with the Mac iCal interface - both public and private calendars properly show-up. Also, read-only vs read-write aspects can be setup from both the web i/f and iCal.

Does anyone know if M$ is going to implement CalDav? I would guess they're very resistant as this frees the client from the server, but I would hope there would be enough pressure for them to take a standards-based approach at some point. Just curious if anyone had any insight into this?


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