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Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 14:36:34 +0000
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why would anyone need to run av software for the os on a windows cgp mail server?


Christian B. Ellsworth Capo (SOLINT S.A.) wrote:
The millage does vary a lot, depending on what is your needs... you don't want to do an overkill or to be tight in the server right?
Can i ask a some of questions?:
1- How many users are expected on the new server?
2- How much storage will you give to the users?
3- How many users at the same time will be connected to the new server?
Normally i'll go with Red Hat Linux, but i'm a RHCE so the OS administration it's not a challenge for me.
My only concern about windows installations is the Antivirus application needed for the OS (i am talking about the operative system antivirus not the mail software antivirus...) because it can interfere with communigate accessing the filesystem where an account's mailbox is stored and deny access to it, because it has a Email virus on it...  once again, depending on the user count, data size and concurrent users, some platforms are better than others
I have RHEL installations with over 200 days of uptime on every cluster node.
Well my $0.02
Christian ELlsworth

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If you could pick any server to run CGP, what would you choose, and why?


We have very little Linux experience, although, I've taken an Admin class.

We are not crazy about putting it on a Windows server.


We are toying with the idea of a Mac.  I you had a choice, would you choose Mac OS or XServe?


We are currently running an AS/400, which works great if you don't mind being behind in versions all the time.


Thank you in advance.


Wayne Johnston

Director, Information Services

Ripon Medical Center


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