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Subject: Re: Tips migrating to 2003 server
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 20:53:23 -0500
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Ahh that, thanks. That doesnt sound like a good time, does it ;-)

I even tried ftp as bin and ascii, too. Ill see if i can find any of those utilities..thanks!

Aaron wrote:

That sounds like the cr+lf issue was mentioned.


Unix would have saved the text files with just LF, but Windows will need CR+LF to be happy.  Without the CR, Windows will see it as one long line with some LF’s thrown in for no apparent reason. J


There are various utilities out there which can correct transferred files (replacing any LF with CR+LF).


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Hi Bret. Thanks for the help. I just gave it a shot.

When I move over the /var/CommuniGate directory all my users appear, yaaay!  problem is, when I log in as them (well, my account anyway), via the web interface, I get a message that says "inbox has very long lines" and no messages or folders appear. Maybe I need to actually import them instead of just copy?  If I can get the user accounts/folders over and the rules over, Ill be one really happy camper!


Bret Miller wrote:

We have exactly no *nix around here, and it rather depends on the OS, so it'd be good if someone on Solaris chimed in. That said, I'd look in /var/CommuniGate and if it's there, that's probably what you need to move. On Windows, the default is "C:\CommuniGate Files" if I recall correctly. I changed this on my initial install on the first 4.0.x beta, so it's been a while.




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Subject: Re: Tips migrating to 2003 server

Thanks Brett thats good info! Know off the top of your head which directories I can move over to make it work? Once its over, I can edit those files for line endings.

Bret Miller wrote:

Ive been running 4.2.7 on Sun Solaris for quite some time now 
and it has 
been great.  Ill probably be migrating to the latest version and to 
windows server 2003.
Obviously over the years I have acquired a bunch of rules, filters, 
accounts there a way to easily move from one to the 
other?  its 
a relatively small system with about a dozen users, but the mailboxes 
are large and there are quite a few rules. Id love to be able to move 
all that over to the new system if possible.
The biggest issue transferring CGPro data between Windows and *nix servers
is the line endings. In theory, if you transfer the CGPro files directory
(not the programs) with FTP between the servers, the line endings should get
fixed in the process and you can then move the directory where it needs to
go on the Windows server and CGPro should just pick up from where it left
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