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Subject: Re: Server-side anti-spam tools for OSX
Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2007 10:31:20 +0100
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Hi Scott,

Il giorno 13/nov/07, alle ore 21:44, Jensen, Scott C. ha scritto:

    We're currently using only client-side anti-spam tools (except for RBL processing, which works well), and we're now thinking about getting a lot of iPhones for our staff, so I'm looking into server-side anti-spam tools.  I'm running CGP 5.1 on OSX 10.2.8, and it works great, but I'm finding that the server being an OSX box constrains my anti-spam choices a little.  Here's the options I've identified so far:

- SpamAssassin (free)
- SpamCatcher Plugin (from Communigate)
- Pollustop (from Niversoft)

    I don't have a problem spending a little bit of $ for the solution, but since this server only serves about 75 users, I don't want to go with a larger-scale solution like an appliance (Barracuda, etc) or external service (Postini, etc).  Ideally, I'm looking for a solution that doesn't require too much supervision on my part, is configurable by each user to reflect their individual requirements for sensitivity, processing behavior, white lists, etc, and has very few false positives.  The users are 100% Mac-based, and are currently using Eudora for a client, but will soon be moving to Mail (and we use the webmail interface quite a bit) and the iPhone.

    My first question is: Are there any other solutions available to the OSX platform that I've missed?

I am actually validating mpp

For what I see till now it is quite a good solution.



    Second question is: How well have these solutions satisfied y'all?  I'm especially keen to know how well they handle spam techniques like image and PDF spam, spoofed local senders, etc.  And also, how quickly do they handle new technologies as they emerge?

    I've been particularly impressed at the quality and attention to detail exhibited in the Niversoft skins...  Does the Pollustop product live up to the same standards?  Any gotchas with it (or any of the solutions)?

    Any and all comments are *much* appreciated, and thanks for the help!


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