Mailing List Message #93142
From: Mailing List <>
Subject: Redirecting certain accounts to another server
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 06:09:29 -0800
To: <CGatePro>
I am looking for a solution I think CGP can do in the router that will allow
me to redirect mail to certain accounts off to another server.

My CGP server hosts mail for  Most of the user accounts are on the
CGP machine.  However, there are a few accounts for that reside on
an Exchange server.  Since CGP is the MX record for the domain, how can I
build a rule in the router that sends either certain accounts off to the
Exchange server or sends all accounts not handled locally off to the
Exchange server?

Example: is a local CGP account.  Mail for him is delivered to his box. is on the exchange server.  Router rule sends his mail off to
the Exchange server without further processing on the CGP box.

Possible?  At this point, I have a local account for everyone at and
am using "redirect mail to" for each account.  I'd prefer not to use up
local accounts to do this and handle this at the router level.  The nest
scenario would be to send ALL mail for the domain that does not have
a local CGP account off to the Exchange server and let it deal with it since
many of the account there have aliases for them as well.


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