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I have just about the same setup and I’m working through tweaking my server now. The one thing I can suggest is changing the number of Channels for IMAP to a number greater than the number of accounts you have. With 8GB of RAM your machine shouldn’t have a problem with this. It was set to 50 (meaning 50 listeners at a time) by default which was denying access to some users, and causing them to go offline and just generally causing havoc on the system.


You can find that setting under Settings > Domain > Access > IMAP >  Channels


I set mine to 300.


The other thing to look at is whether you are scanning incoming messages for SPAM or viruses. These programs are hogs and depending on the number of messages you get in an hour, they could be slowing things down as well. I suggest upping the Enqueuer and Dequeuer numbers to at least 25 (mine is set to 50). This allows the server to process more messages at a time. I also turned down the importance in the file system for cgpav and cgpsa by typing the following into a shell window:


ionice -c 2 `pidof spamd clamd`


The other question I have is what type of hard drives are you using? Are they SAS, SCSI, SATA? You can install sar (sysstat) and it will tell you I/O information on your file system to see if you’re hitting some maximum limits of the system.


Good luck.


Andy Kunkle

IT Administrator

AIM Engineering & Surveying, Inc.

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Il giorno 06/nov/07, alle ore 17:30, Martin.Hepworth ha scritto:




Hi Martin,

We got a 5.1.12 64 bit linux with a raid 5 (8 disks) for the /var/Communigate area, based in the UK. Quad core Xeon and 8GB rAM. maildir for all accounts (over 160 users and potentially lots of emails per user in come cases, not very many in others).


Several users (about 12) esp in the NY office report the following issueson Outlook2003..(connected via MPLS WAN. some running on port 143 and some on 993)


Slow opening/loading of Outlook program/messages

Excessive time to send small messages

Frequent lock ups of Outlook requiring Outlook quit/restart

Slow access to Outlook folders


also effects local users when out and about esp in far flung places like Hong Kong.


some are running 1.2.5 of the mapi and some newer versions up to 1.2.12.


The client side NEED to be the one released for the server one. So Before anithing else patch the client to the last one available for the 5.1.12


The number of messages in inbox could affect the speed at the OL startup but should no interfer afterward.






All users download the full message body and checks are made on all folders for new messages.


network utilisation on the WAN shows lots of free bandwidth.


I've done some TCP/IP tuning on the server and the client and this seems to have help a little, but does any one have a methodology I can use to try and overcome these issues in order to get better performance?.



Martin Hepworth

Snr Sys Admin

Solid State Logic



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