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Subject: Re: Spam Report
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 09:33:16 -0400
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It would be nice to have those features be activated.  We have Cloudmark running and you can report email to the cloudmark guys through three addresses.  One for false positives, one for false negatives and one for phishing.  If there was a spam 'Setting' that you enabled through the admin interface and configured the target addresses and labels, it would be quite handy.

[] Enable spam reporting
   Forward false negatives [spam] to: [____________]      Button label: [_______]
   Forward false positives [ham]  to: [____________]      Button label: [_______]
   Forward phishing to:               [____________]      Button label: [_______]

And then those buttons would appear in webmail near the 'Take Address' button or something.

The only problem I see right now [and I admit, I'm rather short-sighted] is that people will start reporting everything as spam that they don't want.  We get a lot of complaints against customers who are simply forwarding jokes....and jokes aren't spam.

On Wed, 17 Oct 2007 13:01:28 +0100
 Jon Morby <> wrote:
One nice feature (one of many) that Zimbra has is a simple "Report  Spam" button within the web interface

Is there any chance some more integrated spam management could be  built into CGP / Pronto / webmail / etc ?

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