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From: Brian Gibson <>
Subject: Re: Changing account storage foldering method
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 10:47:09 -0400
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
When we originally implemented CGPro on version 4 we tried to separate the student mail folders from the faculty/staff folders to spread  I/O out over 2 different drives sets. We were able to do this with sym links but there were a couple issues. After CGPro created the account we had to shut down CGPro and script the symlink creation of each user's new folder... this created downtime.

The second issue was when we went to delete the user's account, it left a strange shell of the account in the /var/CommuniGate/Accounts folder which made kind of a mess.

We ended up creating a RAID 1+0 set with four drives for the /var/CommuniGate/Accounts folder and we symlinked the SystemLogs folder out of there onto a different set of spindles. With the next iteration of the server we create we are planning on adding more RAID 1 sets to the RAID 1+0 to get better performance. We have 2200 users and every once in a while our Nagios system monitoring software tells us that the load on the server spikes and I am about 99% sure it is because of disk i/o bottlenecks.

One other thing that helped a ton for us was enabling mailbox indexing.
Brian Gibson
Systems Administrator
Wheaton College

Paul Chauvet wrote:
On Fri, 2007-10-12 at 06:22 -0700, Dave Edick wrote:
Hello all,

I have a question regarding account storage foldering. 
 Right now, we're running 4.2.7 under Linux and have flat 
account storage with about 8000 accounts.  This server is 
frequently I/O bound due to everything being on a single 
volume.  So we're about to migrate to a new server which 
will have multiple mail storage volumes.  To accomodate 
this, I'd like to move to 2 letter 1 level storage 
foldering with symlinks to point to the various storage 
volumes.  Has anyone made a transition like this?  If I 
change the foldering setting on the server, will it still 
see the flat storage, or do I have to move all the 
accounts at the same time?  Can I gradually migrate 
accounts from the flat storage into the new folders?  We 
have two domains running on this server.  The second 
domain has a much lighter load compared to our main one. 
 Am I correct in assuming I can leave the smaller domain 
with flat storage?

I cannot add anything but I'm definitely interested in what Dave is
asking about.  We are planning on doing the same over the winter.  It
would be nice to gradually migrate the folders.  If there is no answer
from support or other users I'll probably test it out myself when I get
time - hopefully by the end of October.

While I'm at it, I'm also considering upgrading to the 
current version of CGP at the same time.  We run a custom 
skin for our webmail (a modified version of the old 
Hotmeal skin) and use an external authentication script to 
authenticate against our LDAP directory.  Is there 
anything in particular I should know about making such an 

What version of CGP do you have now?  We moved from the 4.1.x series to
the 5.x series last year with no issues for our external authentication
script whatsoever (authenticating against LDAP on NDS).

Without knowing your specific environment no one can say for sure, but
it should be easy enough to test on a separate box though with your
specific script.  Just install the free version of CGP with some
accounts on a separate box and test authentication against your LDAP

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