Mailing List Message #92839
From: David Minton <>
Subject: CiviCRM and Communigate
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2007 14:27:49 -0400
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
CiviCRM and Communigate I am attempting to use the Civimail module of CiviCRM with Communigate 4.2.3.

Reply To address is set by CiviMail to an email address that encodes information about the
recipient in a so-called VERP string.  This is of the form:

I have Communigate set to Reroute to a mailbox all Mail to Unknown Names, which would
be required to receive the mail.

The problem is, Communigate will not accept the outgoing mail from CiviCRM,
providing the following error:

code: 573, response: ...  illegal name for an account)]

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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