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Subject: RE: long waits in Outlook's outbox
Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2007 08:14:22 -0600
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(Sorry to top post)

We see this occasionally as well, where Outlook will flip into Offline

Though the first time I ever saw this "long wait in Outbox" issue was
when the server started hitting the default max open files limit.  This
happened at about 80 users, with a lot of shared folder / public folder
use.  Check the CG system log for errors relating to open file limits.
A simple server tuning solved the problem, for which there should be
numerous postings on this board.  It doesn't take the server down as
files are continually released and reallocated and if retries happens
when not at the limit, the Outbox content is processed.

CG seems to unnecessarily hold many mailbox files (Outlook folders)
open, even long after they're no longer used if ever, so it's possible
to use a much larger number of open files on the server than you may
think.  It's really not a problem as it's still extremely efficient (at
least from a performance standpoint).  It is also not a resource "leak"
by my observations.

CommuniGate blames Outlook for the open files, from feedback I've
received on a previous support ticket on this issue, but it is surely a
solvable problem when you control both ends of the protocol (i.e.
MAPI/IMAP client, all server protocols).  I am in no way an Outlook
"fan", I'm just annoyed at CG finger-pointing this open files issue away
in their support reply.


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From: Bret Miller []
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Subject: RE: long waits in Outlook's outbox

> I got a couple of users who have suddenly started
> experiencing problems sending emails from Outleek.
> The message sits in the Outbox from anywhere from 10-30
> minutes before actually moving. Other people in same offices
> don't have this problem (offices being in Paris, Iowa and LA.
> CGP server in Oxford UK).
> Running different MAPI connector versions (some 1.2.5 and
> some 1.2.12) and server running 5.11 on Linux/x86 64bit.
> Loads of disk space on all machines?
> Apart from doing a diagnostics log in MAPI and sending off to
> support, any ideas where I should start?

Check File, Work Offline to make sure it isn't checked.
If it is checked, the sending time will be subject to the automatic
send/receive time unless the user clicks the send/receive button.


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