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From: Aaron <>
Subject: RE: POP3 Accounts
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2007 15:25:10 -0700
To: 'CommuniGate Pro Discussions' <>
X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook 12.0
> > I understand, however we are a bit more secure regarding our personal
> > email and office email. We do not want to commingle our personal
> email
> > and our office email in one inbox. I would rather have it
> > setup where I
> > can expand each account separately. Is this not supported? For
> example
> > with MSN you can use the HTTP protocol vs. pop3 and this show
> > a separate
> > account with its own (sent items, inbox, deleted items,
> > etc..) and this
> > is how we want it to be for pop3.
> Outlook does not work that way for pop3. It does for imap. Except that
> all sent mail goes to the default delivery location instead of to the
> account it was sent from.

You can set it up that way, at least in Outlook 2007 it's super easy since
you can create different PST files for each account and then configure each
account to deliver inbound email to the Inbox of that unique PST file.

In Outlook 2003, it had a habit of delivering all incoming email from all
accounts into just one inbox, but you could setup client-side rules to move
them wherever you wanted based on the account it was received on.  I like
the Outlook 2007 way much better. :)

Outlook 2007 will also now store your "sent items" in the proper sent items
for the account you sent from.

For example, my OL 2007 has an Exchange account, a pop3 account, and then a
couple of proxied Exchange mailboxes for admin accounts.  If I send an email
from my pop account, it shows up in the sent items of the PST file marked
for delivery of that pop account.  If I send from my Exchange account, it
shows up in the sent items on the Exchange server.  I haven't tried a "send
as" from one of the proxied mailboxes on Exchange...not sure where those
sent items would show up, but that's moot for this discussion.

It was annoying with OL 2003 because if I'm at work and send a personal
email, even though I sent from my pop account it wound up in the "sent
items" on the exchange server and I'd have to manually move those.
Microsoft must have been listening to their customers for once and fixed
that in OL 2007.  If you haven't tried it, give it a shot, you might be
impressed a the little changes like that.

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