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From: Bret Miller <>
Subject: RE: POP3 Accounts
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2007 15:01:50 -0700
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> I understand, however we are a bit more secure regarding our personal
> email and office email. We do not want to commingle our personal email
> and our office email in one inbox. I would rather have it
> setup where I
> can expand each account separately. Is this not supported? For example
> with MSN you can use the HTTP protocol vs. pop3 and this show
> a separate
> account with its own (sent items, inbox, deleted items,
> etc..) and this
> is how we want it to be for pop3.

Outlook does not work that way for pop3. It does for imap. Except that all sent mail goes to the default delivery location instead of to the account it was sent from.

> I think we tried personal folders to where any pop3 accounts will send
> emails into that folder, but that did not work. It sounds like the
> solution at home is what we need here in the office. So if I make the
> CGPRO Secondary and not the default account all will work fine?

That depends on what you mean by "all". Mail and contacts work; you will be able to see your calendar, but you will not get reminders from it and I'm not sure if you use the invite features that it will store in the CGPro calendar.

Note that these issues are Microsoft Outlook issues, not CGPro issues. If you create two POP3 accounts in standard Outlook, they both get downloaded to the same Personal Folders location. You can work around this some by using Outlook rules so that when a message is received, you file it based on which account it is received through. However, no matter what you do in Outlook, all your sent items still go to the default delivery location. You can make rules to copy them to another folder, and the rule will work at least some of the time, but you still have the original in the Sent Items folder in the default location.

Apparently Microsoft makes no thought that I might have my own personal email in addition to a shared account like support where I want messages I send from support to be stored in the shared account's Sent Items so that when someone else might pick up in the middle of an issue, they can see what the previous responses have been.

In other words, Microsoft Outlook cannot do exactly what you want even it it was running with Exchange.

However, IMAP will work closer to what you want than POP3 will.


> > I recall that you can have more then one account in an
> > Outlook Profile, so I tried to create a POP3 account under
> > the same profile with my CG Account and for some reason I
> > cannot see my POP3 account. When I create new mail I can
> > select the account to send emails but I just can't see the
> > emails that come in or the ones I send. Is POP3 not supported
> > to be in conjunction with CGPRO?
> AFAIK, it is supported, and I do it-- differently at home and at the
> office.
> At the office (Office 2003), my CGPro account is my default
> account and
> delivery location. POP3 accounts fetch email and store them
> in the CGPro
> inbox. Messages I send from the POP3 accounts go to my CGPro
> Sent Items.
> At home (Office XP), my CGPro account is not my default account and
> Personal
> Folders is my delivery location. My CGPro account shows as a separate
> account from Personal Folder in the tree. POP3 accounts fetch
> email and
> store them in the Personal Folders inbox. Messages I send are
> stored in
> the
> Personal Folders Sent Items.
> Both configurations perform as expected.
> Bret

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