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Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2007 08:43:32 -0700
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It sounds like a communication issue between your server and clients. The cause can be a number of things. My most recent problem was a weird issue with our firewall that upgrading the firmware fixed. It has been working fine since we installed it, but sometime this year, it just started having issues with IMAP and SMTP protocols (and maybe more).
Another recent issue was the default settings in Windows Vista which do not work well with all network switches and routers. Specifically the "auto tuning protocol", so if it's the same clients and they are on Vista, then you should look at disabling that protocol.
There are many failure points between the server and client. Finding which is causing the problem is generally not easy. Is it happening to everyone (indicates a problem on the server or the network firewall/router/switch it's connected to) or a few clients (indicates a problem with the client computers or the network they connect to)?

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Subject: Socket Error

We are using CGP 5.1.12 with Mapi 1.2.12 on server/clients and the server runs on W2K3 OS. The clients use MS Outlook 2003.
I have been getting these errors of late -
09:27:31.485 3 HTTPU-065206([]) write failed. Error Code=write time-out
09:27:31.516 3 HTTPU-065216([]) write failed. Error Code=write time-out
09:30:09.815 3 HTTPU-066548([]) write failed. Error Code=socket aborted
09:30:09.909 3 IMAP-000932([]) IDLE reading failed. Error Code=socket aborted
The client gets "Server not avaiable Message" and outlook goes into Offline Mode.
On my mail server there are lot of IMAP sessions in Time Wait State , so I have increased the IMAP Channels from 50 to 100.
Any suggestions will be a great help
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