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From: Jon R. Doyle <>
Subject: Public Beta of Pronto! on AIR
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 19:10:21 -0700
To: <>
X-Mailer: CommuniGatePro ProntoAir 0.9.2


We are pleased to announce a special beta preview of Pronto! built for Adobe's AIR runtime environment. In the morning, (USA timezone), we will push this Public Beta out officially, at the AdobeMAX event in Chicago, where it will be showcased. What is AIR, why is this important? Adobe AIR is a runtime, that allows applications built in the Adobe Flex Environment to run on the desktop with no need for a browser.

You can read more about Adobe AIR, formerly the "Apollo project" here.

The benefits are many, some of these include excellent HTML rendering support, multi-windows in a session, drag/drop from the desktop into a window, and offline capabilities to name a few. Pronto! on AIR is very much beta, and many features will not yet be ported, like spell check (which kills me). The Adobe AIR environment is also in Public Beta. Thus, we are working closely with Adobe to ensure the time when we can reliably bring the product to market.

If you follow Adobe, or if you are just interested to hear about some amazing technologies that will change the way we communicate, listen carefully to the announcements this week, especially related to the next version of the Flash Player, and AIR. I can tell you that the "Moviestar" version of the Flash Player 9 Beta is nothing short of hot, and we will leverage some of these things RSN.

As always, our bleeding edge technologies are located at where you can grab Pronto! on AIR and take it for a spin. If you are interested in what will be coming in ver5.2, that same server already has ActiveSync loaded....



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