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From: Urban Loesch <>
Subject: Re: ClamAV with Mac OS X Server
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 09:06:50 +0200
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>

i have no idea how it works under MAC. I'm using RHEL with ClamAv and cgpav (no amavis).
cgpav has a configuration file "cgpav.conf". I copied it in the settings directory from CGPro.

In cgpav you have some configuration options for Queue and Sumit Direcotry of CGPro.
Usually they are still defined by default.

The option for connect to cgpav to clam is the Socket of clamAV.
Unter RHEL this is:

clamd_socket = /tmp/clamd

but it depends on your OS installation.
After configuration you can define a external helper and a server wide rule.

Urban Loesch

P.S. If you need some german howto for Linux contact me of list.

Marcel Hochuli wrote:
Found nothing on the list about this matter…

Is anyone using ClamAV that ships with Mac OS X Server? It can be updated daily by a few clicks in Server Admin.

I would like to use cgpav to connect to built-in ClamAV of Mac OS X Server. After starting the AV-Software, I find amavis processes. I'm not sure what these are about and how to connect cgpav to amavis or clamav.

Any ideas?


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