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From: John Rudd <>
Subject: Re: Passwords
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 09:09:02 -0700
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I just wrote a new external authenticator that:

if (auth is successful)
   cache the external auth password into the CGP app password
   enable the CGP app password

Then, I have a nightly process that disables the CGP app password for each user (forcing them to go to the external authenticator).


1) if they change their external password, then within 24 hours they'll have to start using that password in CGP.

2) They will, hopefully, only have to consult the external authenticator once every 24 hours (not including failed auths).

3) If the external auth system fails, I can turn off the nightly disable check, and they can continue using the app password until things get better.

Am I on the right track for what you're having a problem with?

Darren Sundborg wrote:

I am really thinking about going over to exchange. There I said it.


I am running an Active Directory environment, and am having the problem
of changing passwords every ""whatever days"".

What does everyone else do in this situation? How do you get passwords
to change? Do you have users change two passwords?


Really need some guidance on this one, any help would be greatly


Thanks in advance,







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