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From: Paul Chauvet <>
Subject: Re: How to create a "do not reply" account.
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 11:17:05 -0400
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
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On Tue, 2007-09-25 at 10:05 -0500, Dave Pooser wrote:
> Note: between composing and sending this message I saw Marcel post a far
> more elegant solution. I'm posting this anyway in case someone else has a
> similar problem that won't work with Marcel's solution but might with this
> hack.
> > How would i achieve what i describe above? Any Ideas?
> OK, this is a bit convoluted, in the same sense that the Atlantic is a bit
> damp, but...
> 1) Download and install CommuniGate Pro Community Edition running as a
> second instance of CGPro on your primary server but listening on different
> ports (use the --CGateBase option to point it to a different directory.)
> 2) Create your domain (for this discusssion, and the
> address on the Community instance. Use the router to
> direct * (except for donotreply) to (assuming
> people in your domain will be receiving this message).
> 3) Set your automated systems to send via this server; you can use SMTP-Auth
> or add them to the Client IPs.
> At this point you should be able to send the messages out via the Community
> edition, but responses will hit your regular edition which will reject
> donotreply as an unknown user. On to the last step:
> 4) Drink beer. The last step is ALWAYS drink beer.

Though in the past we've done something similar to Dave's suggestion
(using an instance of postfix in our case).

I always knew something was lacking though.  The Beer.

Dave you are a gentleman and a scholar.

I kept forgetting the beer.  I wonder if I should make up for lost
time? ;)

Paul Chauvet
UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator
State University of New York at New Paltz

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