Mailing List Message #92725
From: Bret Miller <>
Subject: RE: Issues creating helper app
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 08:15:58 -0700
To: CommuniGate Pro Discussions <>
X-Mailer: CommuniGate Pro MAPI Connector 1.2.12/1.2.12(local)
> I am trying to create a helper app in perl. The issue I am
> having is that I am reading in the message from the <MSG>
> stream and then when I put the  message back into the queue I
> am loosing any headers that other rules may have added.
> Basically I am seeing the message as it was when it
> originally was submitted rather than with the header fields I
> have added.
> Is there another stream I should pull this message from?

Actually, as much of a pain as it is, that's how this system works. While
rules can see the headers added by other rules and helpers, helpers can not
see them, and thus if you must discard and reinject the message, you lose
those headers.

If you are always discarding the message, you might look at using EXECUTE
instead of EXTFILTER. I'm not sure whether you get the added headers there
or not, but it would be more likely. Testing would be the way to find out.
The problem is that when you use EXECUTE, the message stops with you so you
must figure out exactly what to do with it and if you reinsert it, your rule
condition must know to skip your execute action on the next pass.


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