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Subject: Re: Excessive POP3 sessions.
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 14:45:07 +0400
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Jeff Wark wrote:
Has anyone else noticed this sort of behaviour on his/her POP3 Access Monitor page:

118605    []        9min    Unauthenticated       119011    []        7min    Unauthenticated       119205    []        6min    Unauthenticated       119370    []        5min    Unauthenticated       119503    []        4min    Unauthenticated       119569    []        4min    Unauthenticated       119695    []        3min    Unauthenticated       119906    []        2min    Unauthenticated       119950    []        2min    Unauthenticated       In my case, it started a couple weeks ago with one customer making up to the allowed 5 connections from a single IP address and then just sitting there.  By last week, it was up to two customers and now it appears to be 3 or 4.

Is this a new virus or something?

These appear to be dead connections. On some platforms a dropped connection notification may be not delivered to an application (CGPro here) - so it believes there's on, while the client (or client's firewall) has closed it.

I would check if the IP addresses reported for these hanging connections are always the same and then try to debug connectivity to those client hosts.

Best regards,
Dmitry Akindinov

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